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Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

Dean of the faculty: Olga Ponomarenko, Ph.D. in Pedagogics, associate professor

Dean’s office: Gogolya str. 118, building 8, office 212, ph. # +38 (061) 62 41 02     62 14 27


  • Psychology
  • Social Pedagogics
  • Dramatic Arts

Career opportunities for the graduates in Social Pedagogics

Graduates can work at educational institutions of any accreditation level, children education and training centers, cultural centers and art schools, social educational service, non-governmental organizations, guardianship service, departments of juvenile service, social work centers, employment agencies, etc.

Positions to hold:

  • lecturer of social and teaching courses
  • organizer of after-school activities
  •  head of  youth rehabilitation center
  • head of training, resource rooms
  • guidance counselor
  •  social worker
  • child welfare supervisor
  •  social and education welfare supervisor

Career opportunities for graduates in Dramatic Arts
 Graduates can work as actors of drama theater, cinema actors, newsreaders and TV announcers, stage and TV comics, lecturers and teachers etc.

Career opportunities for graduates in Psychology
Qualification in psychology gives opportunity to work at educational institutions of all types, enterprises, firms, centers of practical psychology and consultation service centers, educational and scientific institutions.
Graduates can also hold one of the following positions:

  • psychologist at practical psychology centers, medical institutions, rehabilitation centers
  • enterprise/company psychologist
  • teacher
  • lecturer
  • conflict resolution counselor
  • clinical psychologist, etc. 
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