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MultiEd Online Seminar for Teachers

MultiEd Online Seminar for Teachers

The autumn semester of this academic year at ZNU marked active work within the framework of the implementation of European of Erasmus + KA2 projects like the MultiEd / "Foreign Language Teacher Training Capacity Development as a Way to Ukraine’s Multilingual Education and European Integration". Within its action plan there has been done considerable amount of work so far, despite the unfavorable circumstances of the global coronavirus pandemic. Thus, in September-October, the interim results of the study of the state of multilingual education in ZNU were processed, which will soon be finalized in the report. The project partnership holds regular zoom meetings, where they discuss important issues of procuring the equipment, organizing study meetings and seminars, planning work for 2021.

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02.11.2020 16:26
A three-day seminar continues in the Goethe-Institut of ZNU with a reviewer of the German publishing house Hueber

A three-day seminar continues in the Goethe-Institut of ZNU with a reviewer of the German publishing house Hueber

In the Goethe-Institut, which operates on the basis of ZNU, a three-day seminar “Using textbooks for conducting classes with children” continues for the representatives of educational centers of the Goethe-Institut from Kharkiv, Sumy, Melitopol and Dnipro. 16 participants of the event from the East and South of Ukraine gathered together to talk with the referent of the Hueber publishing house Gund Hek.

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24.10.2018 10:50
Seminars from the Goethe-Institute gathered at ZNU about a hundred German language professors

Seminars from the Goethe-Institute gathered at ZNU about a hundred German language professors

These days, on the basis of the German Center at the ZNU, there was another three-day seminar for school teachers of the German language, which will work with the first-graders from the new school year. The event is coordinated by Natalia Shapochka, Senior Lecturer at the Department of German Philology and Translation Faculty of Foreign Philology.

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23.06.2018 11:41

Psychologists have studied the international experience how to deal with traumas of military

September 18 evening at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU held an online meeting of supervisory groups with the therapist Bruce Young (California, USA) and psychologists and volunteers of Zaporizhzhya. The event was made possible through the active cooperation of the NGO "Development Foundation" and staff Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, including the Department of Applied Psychology. Coordinator of the event "Psychological Techniques for Working with Trauma for Military" was Olga Ishchuk.
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21.09.2015 14:28

Vice-Rector for Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk took part in All-Ukrainian discussing of higher education internationalization

On September 15 at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine was held a workshop on Internationalization of Ukrainian Higher Education. Organizers of the event were National Education of Ukraine and Erasmus + office in Ukraine. The workshop was attended by representatives of 44 leading universities from all regions of Ukraine. Our university was represented by Vice-Rector, Professor Gennadiy Vasylchuk.
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18.09.2015 13:19

Psychologists have discussed how best to work with soldiers in need of help

Representatives of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology, Department of Practical Psychology together with the public organization «Development Foundation» continue to work under the guidance of psychological enlightenment , psychotherapeutic care of psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, volunteers.
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22.06.2015 11:06

At the Faculty of Physics of ZNU held a seminar for school teachers of Zaporizhzhya

22 January at the Faculty of Physics of Zaporizhzhya National University held a scientific-methodical seminar 22 January at the Physics Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University held a scientific seminar on "Features of the preparing for the EIT in physics by students in 2015", on which came about 40 physics teachers of Zaporizhzhya schools.
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22.01.2015 16:07

For students of ELC conducted information and education training on social partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy

December 3 Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Honorary President of the Regional Youth Ecological and Regional Studies Center "Svarog", Head of the Committee of Zaporizhzhya City Youth Council in Zaporizhzhya City Council, a graduate of our university Yurii Bilyi. Guest of honor held for students of "Social Work" specialty of ELC information and educational training "Social Partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy". The event was part of the Week of social work that is underway at the college.
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04.12.2014 08:23

Students of ZNU told how to get the top job in a leading international or Ukrainian company

December 1, in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a workshop for students on "How expensive to sell themselves in the labor market?", organized by representatives of the Students' Council of ZNU with the support of the European Union "Development of professional competence of specialists of Ukraine". The event was attended by 80 students both of ZNU as well as other higher educational institutions in the city and region.
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02.12.2014 11:43

In ZNU lasts five days workshop for teachers of German from the Goethe-Institut

8 November in Zaporizhzhya National University started workshop from the Goethe Institute for German teachers. To improve qualification expressed a desire 22 teachers of Zaporizhzhya, Melitopol and from Donetsk, Khartsizsk, Dzerzhinsk and Kramatorsk. For five days they study on the latest teaching methods and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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10.11.2014 10:22
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