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Teacher’s Day at Tatyana’s Day

Student disco-café “Tatyana’s Day” opens its doors again. This academic year, the first party will be held there on Friday, it is dedicated to Teacher’s Day.
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27.09.2005 10:10

Student news: our people in Scientific council

Student self-government of Zaporizhzhya National University is developing. From now ZNU student council will have 8 representatives in the Scientific council of our University.
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27.09.2005 08:54

KVN news: “Sonechko” will make people laugh in Odessa

KVN teams have always been pride of our university.
This summer ZNU was represented in Dnipropetrovs’k region by the team of sociology and administration faculty «Sonechko». Zaporizhzhya team won in ¼ final game and lead till semi-final in their group.

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27.09.2005 08:52
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