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«Student Ball of Aerobics-2006»

Students of the Faculty of Physical Training of ZNU, in particular, three teams took part in «Student Ball of Aerobics-2006». This sports show had already become traditional in our city. One of our teams took the first place in the nomination “Basic aerobics”.
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07.11.2006 12:09

The project «100 Thousands of Books»

Yesterday representatives of the project “100 Thousands of Books” Irina Kuchma, Vira Ebels and Karel Markus visited the library of our University. They expressed interest to books, published in ZNU, to the electronic library and to the ways of books’ popularization in the University. The director of the library Valentina Gerasimova had a lot of materials to show to them, the guests were pleasantly amazed and offered their collaboration.
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07.11.2006 12:08

Action on the Physical Faculty

On the Physical Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University the action «How to Protect Oneself from AIDS» took place. It was conducted due to the initiative of the Students’ Council of the faculty.
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07.11.2006 12:07
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