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Zaporizhzhya handball-players became the champions of Ukraine for the 13-th time!

Competitions lasted for the whole year, and the final results were announced only on May 20. This day the final game of Championship of Ukraine in handball among female teams took place in Zaporizhzhya. Representatives from Lviv (the team «Galichanka») and the team «Motor» (Zaporizhzhya) competed in the final game. The players from Zaporizhzhya gained the victory, three of them are the students of the faculty of the physical upbringing of Zaporizhzhya national university. We congratulate Darja Grobova, Darya Popova and Olga Moroz on their high sports achievement!
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30.05.2007 15:57

The 5-th Open Championship of the region in jiu-jitsu

On May 27 in sports complex of ZNU the 5-th Open Championship of Zaporizhzhya region in jiu-jitsu took place.
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30.05.2007 15:54

Round table on the topic «Problems and directions of the improvement of law education on the modern stage of development of the high education»

On May 29 in ZNU the round table on the topic «Problems and directions of the improvement of law education on the modern stage of development of the high education» took place.
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29.05.2007 15:58

ДCompetition in track-and-field athletics in ZNU

Sports club of ZNU in the framework of Spartakiad organized competition in track-and-field athletics among students of our university.
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24.05.2007 10:55

Students of ZNU took part in All-Ukrainian educational program

Students of the law faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university second-year-students Inna Melnik and Evgen Volkov and the third-year one took part in All-Ukrainian educational program in protection of rights of consumers that was organized on base of Academy of governing and informational technologies «ARIU» (Berdyansk).
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23.05.2007 10:56

Student of ZNU Ganna Nuzhnaya won in the contest «Miss Studentship»

Due to initiative of Trade-union of students, post graduates and doctorants of ZNTU, on May 19 beautiful girls-students from different universities of Zaporizhzhya gathered in order to determine the nicest and cleverest one.
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22.05.2007 11:00

Students of ZNU returned the rank of the Champion of Ukraine in handball to Zaporizhzya

On May 17 in city Iuzhne (Odessa region) handball team «ZTR» from Zaporizhzya won in Championship of Ukraine in handball.
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22.05.2007 10:59

«Round table» in problem of AIDS gathered in ZNU broad auditorium

On May 18 in the framework of All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Theory and practice of preparation of social pedagogues and psychologists in universities: experience, problems and prospects» the session of the «round table» on topic «Preparation of specialists for rendering social services to people with AIDS».
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22.05.2007 10:58

The day of the faculty of physics

On May 18 the faculty of physics celebrated its seventeenth birthday! On this occasion the first building was decorated with balloons and broadsheets, the wonderful party mood reigned for the whole day.
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21.05.2007 11:02

The Europe day in ZNU

The day of Europe has become the holiday of peace for our University. We celebrate it not for the first time, not only on local, but on regional level. Last year we accepted numerous delegates of embassies of European countries in walls ZNU, we took part in work of “European city” on Festivalna square, this year we organized such “European city” on the territory of our university.
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21.05.2007 11:01
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