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New Year Holiday By Students Journalists

The Journalism Department of ZNU organized the music break for students and faculty staff. They played music and sang the New Year and Christmas songs while festive performance was being held around.
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24.12.2010 19:01

New Year Bus in ZNU

On December 24th within the city youth action New Year Greetings the New Year bus with Farther Frost and Snow Maiden came to ZNU. The festive program with contests and presents for students started at the City Hall.
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24.12.2010 18:32

Biological Department Students Researched the Biorhythms of Life

The Scientific Society of Students and Post-Grads of Biological Department of ZNU organized the round table discussion devoted to debunking of the ecological myths. The topic was announced as Rhythms of Our Lives: Problems and Questions.
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24.12.2010 17:57

Economic Department Continues Its Charity Marathon

This week the students and teachers of the Economic Department of ZNU visited the Vilnyansk orphanage with New Year concert and the presets for kids.
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24.12.2010 17:51
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