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ZNU Guests: 50 years after graduation

Yesterday unusual excursion came to visit ZNU Museum. The Philological Department alumni 1960 (the second graduating year since the department founding) came to alma mater to meet the old friends and find out about university's modern life.
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25.06.2010 14:38

American Guest Visited ZNU

The international relations of ZNU are being constantly developed in ZNU even during the examination period. The professor of the Fulbright academic program 2008-2009 Phylissa Mitchell and the Assistant Professor of the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University Olga Gresko visited ZNU.
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25.06.2010 12:54

The German Language Center's of Goethe Institute Work Results

Around 100 people graduated from the German Language Center of the Goethe Institute this academic year. The Department of the Post-graduate studies of ZNU announced that the courses of German for professionals and for kids of 12-16 years old are planned to be opened in the nearest future.
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23.06.2010 12:47

Running Marathon in the Oak Grove

The students of Zaporizhzhya National University took part in the sport marathon, which was organized in honor of foundation of the modern Olympic Games and creation of International Olympic Committee. The holiday took place on June 19th in Zaporizhzhya Oak Grove.
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22.06.2010 19:33

Students will Learn Foreign Language in France

This summer twelve ZNU students will learn the French language at the summer courses in Le Mann (France). Interesting that there will be the students from different departments - Foreign Philology, Economic Department, and the Department of Management - they will earn the certificates after completing the courses.
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17.06.2010 19:28

Book Presents for ZNU

The ZNU Library has got the new books - they were presented by the famous singer Vyatcheslav Vakarchuk and the Zaporizhzhya businessman Evgen Chernyak within the action organized by the Charity Fund "The Patriot of Zaporizhzhya".
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17.06.2010 19:20

Azerbaijani Students Are Coming to ZNU

In July the students of Baku Slavic University (Azerbaijan) will come to ZNU to participate in the summer school of Ukrainian Studies, which will take place at the ZNU tourist base on Khortitsa Island.
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17.06.2010 19:10

Rector's Stipends for the Best Students

100 best students of Zaporizhzhya National University will have additional stipends. The surprise of 530 hryvnyas for each student will be taken from the university's last year savings. The best students will be selected by the departments' Student Councils. The stipend holders will be presented by seven students from each Department and in addition nine students will be selected by the All-University Student Council.
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17.06.2010 19:01

Students-Theatre-Goers Staged "Bloody Wedding"

Real Spanish passion flamed in ZNU on June 11th. At the University stage there were the presentations of the diploma final projects by the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology seniors majoring in "Theatre Art". It was the first time Federico Garcia Lorca’s "Bloody Wedding" staged in ZNU.
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15.06.2010 18:28

Young Scientists Join All-Ukrainian Society

On June 5-6th in Kyiv National University of Design and Technologies there was the meeting of he All-Ukrainian Round Table of the representatives of the scientific societies of students, graduates and the young scientists. The Scientific Society of Students and Graduates of ZNU was presented by its head Svitlana Siritsa and SSSG Students Sector's Head Anna Tkach.
The Association of the student scientific societies is planned to be created. The ZNU's society is going to join it.
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10.06.2010 18:10
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