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May His Memory Live Forever

The law community of the Zaporizhzhya National University grieves about the death of the First Vice Rector of the National Law Academy named by Yaroslav Mudryi, the Hero of Ukraine, the Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Doctor of Juridical Science, Profesor
Volodymyr V. Starshys.
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07.11.2011 11:17

Foreign Languages Festival in ZNU

During the week the students of the Historical, Economic departments, the departments of Management and Physical Education will be participating in the series of events prepared by the Chair of Business Communication of the Management Department.
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07.11.2011 10:25

School of Journalistic Investigations Started in ZNU

The Chief Editor of the web-site Week's Mirror (Dzerkalo Tyzhnya), the head of the project "Our Money" Olexiy Shalayskiy visited Journalism Department. He leads the training within the project "School of Journalistic Investigations", which is taking place on November 4-5 in ZNU.
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07.11.2011 09:46
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