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The Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology starts a new project “The students of the Social Pedagogics and Psychology Faculty to the citizens of Zhovtneviy district”

The aim will be an activating of creative potential of Zhovtneviy district community through the organization of active leisure of children and adult with the involvement of the Social Pedagogics and Psychology Faculty students.

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22.11.2012 16:29

The students of Physical Faculty attended new Zaporizhzhya museum

November, 21 the students of Physical Faculty attended new Zaporizhzhyan museum of technique AA “Motor Sich”, opening of which were in the October of this year.

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22.11.2012 13:45

The students of Economics and Law College of ZNU are marked with the highest nominal scholarships

For great success in studying and scientific-research works the students of the 4th course of “Software Development” major Artem Taran and Vladislav Ternov, according to the orders of Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine are nominated to the academic scholarship of the Presidents of Ukraine and nominal scholarship of Verchovna Rada of Ukraine.

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22.11.2012 13:40

The Dean of Law Faculty Tetyana Kolomoets among participants of Premium name of Yaroslav Mudriy

Yaroslav Mudriy Premium was founded in 2001 with Law Science Academy of Ukraine and National Jurisdictional Academy name of Yaroslav Mudriy. It is awarded with the secret ballot at Committee meeting in awarding of a Premium name of Yaroslav Mudriy, the consist of which includes representatives of jurisdictional community of Ukraine and Scientific council of National jurisdictional academy of Ukriane.

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22.11.2012 13:22

The directors of regional schools and lyceums visited ZNU

November, 21 Zaporizhzhyan National University held meeting of University experts with directors of schools and lyceums of the region.

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22.11.2012 13:10
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