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Students of three faculties gathered for Press Club session

April, 3 press club session on “Homo sapiens vs. media sapiens battle” gathered students of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Social Sciences and Administration and Journalism for the 2nd Creative Workshop. The event was held in the framework of the 2nd Forum on Media Psychology and Education
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05.04.2012 17:32

Congratulations to Women’s Team (Faculty of Physics) on their victory in ZNU basketball contest

Competition in basketball held in the framework of the University Student Sports Contest has come to an end.
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05.04.2012 16:52

Workshops in Media Psychology for ZNU students

“Public Criticism Workshops” went on with the workshop given by Diana Dutsyk, Kyiv-Mogyla School of Journalism deputy director and editor-in-chief of Mediasapiens project.
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05.04.2012 16:30

Volodymyr Shovkoshytnyi: “Ukraine will look just the way we dream it to be. So, dare to dream!”

Vice deputy chairman of the National Ukrainian Writers Association, renowned writer and public figure Volodymyr Shovkoshytnyi paid visit to ZNU, where he presented his books and recounted of the most captivating moments in his biography.

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05.04.2012 15:37

Students of Philology became winners of the national level contests and competitions

Fourth year students of Russian Language and Literature Anna Babanina and Yulia Gryn have demonstrated high performance level in mastering Russian language and literature at the Student Scientific Contest.
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05.04.2012 15:24

Students from the Faculty of Economics and Humanities made a holiday for the orphanage inmates

Students of ZNU subsidiary (Melitopol) launched the action on A Book Gift to a Child, dedicated to the World Children’s Book Day, April 2.  Both students and educators have gathered a pack of  books for orphanage children in Melitopol

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05.04.2012 14:31

Second workshop in Media Psychology and Education held in ZNU

Second Forum in Media Psychology and Education within the “Public Criticism Workshops” International Project took place in the University. The event was organised by the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology
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05.04.2012 14:17
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