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In ZNU was held a novel's presentation of Zaporizhzhya writer Tala Vladmyrova "Winter cuckoo"

April 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a presentation of Dara Kornii's and Tala Vladmyrova's book "Winter cuckoo", which was attended by one of the authors of the work - of regional academic editor of the newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University" Tamila Tarasenko (alias - Tala Vladmyrova). The meeting with her attended teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and representatives of the creative communities of Zaporizhzhya.
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08.04.2014 16:39

Young scientists of the Faculty of Law of ZNU presented the results of their research to doctors-practitioners

8 April in the framework of the Day of Young Science of ZNU, Law Faculty students conducted field meeting of SCSP and Zaporizhzhya branch of Students League Lawyers Association of Ukraine to Zaporizhzhya city hospital № 7, during which they presented to discuss the results of their research on medical law, protection patients' rights, regulation of health care delivery in Ukraine.
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08.04.2014 16:32

ZNU visited members of All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad in Pedagogics and Psychology

Within the framework of fourth round of the IV All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad in Pedagogics and Psychology, which was first held in Zaporizhzhya region, Zaporizhzhya National University attended the members of the jury, Olympiad participants and their supervisors.
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08.04.2014 16:27

Lawyers of ZNU discussed the problems of legal regulation of the financial and economic control in Ukraine

April 7 at the Law Faculty, within the Week of "Young Science" was held a roundtable devoted to the problems of legal regulation of the financial and economic control in Ukraine.
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08.04.2014 14:30

Students of ZNU - among the finalists of patriotic creativity "Heritage 2014"

April 4 in the Kirov Palace of Culture was held the fifth zonal qualifying round of the contest of patriotic creativity "Heritage 2014" on the anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Among the participants and winners - the representatives of the vocal studio "Kantylena" of Cultural Center of Zaporizhzhya National University (Head of the studio - Nataliia Pyrih).
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08.04.2014 10:39

Faculty of Economics opened a new specialty 8.18010017 "Environmental Economics and Natural Resources"

Modern trends in economic reforms in Ukraine aimed at the rational use of available resources and the formation of environmental safety at the entity level and the state. Effective management of economic and environmental processes requires completely new approaches and methods for forming economic and ecological safety and environmental management, and it remains a major challenge for humanity present and future.
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08.04.2014 10:04
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