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Information on beating of a student of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU

The staff and students of Zaporizhzhya National University outraged by the brutal attack on a student of the Faculty of Economics Ruslan Havryliuk, of the II disability group, who actively shows his social position and defends the property rights of its fellow villagers from the village Vidrodzhennia (Melitopol).
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30.07.2014 16:17

Explanation of Organizational Work Department of ZNU on the third wave of mobilization

According to the Law of Ukraine "On the partial mobilization", primarily drafted for military service during the announced partial mobilization (third wave) are officers and sergeants in reserve of all the specialties, privates in the stock of all the specialties and higher officers of all military specialties. Conscription during mobilization in the special period are not subject postgraduates and students of full-time studying.
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30.07.2014 13:17
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