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Academic Integrity Promotion Project gaining momentum

May 30 in Kiev Center for Contemporary Art "M17" was solemn meeting presentation of Academic Integrity Promotion Project . The event was organized by the American Councils for International Education, its main purpose was to introduce all project partners together, highlight the vision of each project partner. The event brought together all partners, representatives of universities participating stakeholders and implementing the principles of academic integrity. Representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University in the west were the coordinator of teachers, Vice-Rector for Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk, Student Project Coordinator Oksana Kovtun and member of students' teams Artem Eremenko.
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01.06.2016 09:47

ZNU 70 teachers completed training courses of foreign language intensive study

For the third consecutive year in Zaporizhzhya National University has a unique program launched by the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov of the active implementation of learning foreign languages ​​for teaching staff of ZNU. On the basis of the Faculty and the School of pedagogical skills of teachers for free ZNU are able to increase the level of foreign language (English, German, French). During this school year, more than 70 teachers improve their language skills, and now, they started final exams, they must demonstrate all acquired knowledge.
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01.06.2016 09:12
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