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The first graduation of the listeners of the courses on inclusive education took place on the basis of the Postgraduate education center

The first graduation of the listeners of the courses on inclusive education took place on the basis of the Postgraduate education center

On March 30, the first graduation of the listeners of the courses “Psychological and pedagogical support of children and young people with special needs in an inclusive educational environment” took place, which were organized on the basis of the postgraduate education center of Zaporizhzhia National University. Certificates of professional development of pedagogical workers were awarded by the program manager Yevhenii Klopotа, doctor of psychological sciences, professor of the Department of pedagogy and psychology of educational activities, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.

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04.04.2019 09:49

Graduates of the Centre of Postgraduate Education demonstrated a high level of knowledge

The Centre of Postgraduate Education of Zaporizhzhya National University ended the end-of-course assessment of graduates of educational qualification level "Specialist". Last week, listeners passed the last exam in the specialty "Social work" which study by vouchers for people for maintaining the competitiveness in the labor market issued by the employment centers of Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
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21.06.2016 10:06

At Postgraduate Center top up qualifications teachers of sports disciplines

June 23, at Postgraduate Center held the last in this academic year official handing certificates advanced training for coaches in different kinds sports. Advanced training was performed on the basis of the Faculty of Physical Education of ZNU, by specialized program "Modern aspects of sports training and techniques", which consisted of 72 academic hours.
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24.06.2015 09:29

At ZNU handed certificates to graduates of the courses "Accounting and Audit" Postgraduate Center

At Zaporizhzhya National University completed work on advanced training courses organized by Postgraduate Center and the Faculty of Economics of our university. They were aimed at training unemployed persons admitted for study Zaporizhzhya Regional Employment Center in "Accounting and Audit".
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14.04.2015 12:28

Studying Course of Social Pedagogic Ended at the Center of Business Education

On April, 1 the group of the Zaporizhzhya region orphanages' educators majored in "Social Pedagogy" graduated from the Center of Business Education of ZNU. They had two-weeks course id studying in the Center.
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04.04.2011 15:30

Second Graduate Class of Guides-Translators in ZNU Center of Business Education

On February 22nd the second class of the students of specialty "Guides-Translators" graduated at ZNU Center of Business Education. Seven graduates received the positive evaluation grade from the Accreditation Commission for giving the permission for the tourist support of the excursions.
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24.02.2011 17:52
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