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Video meeting "Nearness in Times of Distance" took place, during which representatives of Universities in five countries shared their professional and personal experiences on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. All participants of the event are long-term partners of Zaporizhzhia National University (ZNU).

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03.06.2020 13:20
ZNU was actively represented at the Second Ukrainian Women's Congress in Kyiv

ZNU was actively represented at the Second Ukrainian Women's Congress in Kyiv

On December 7-8, the Second Ukrainian Women's Congress took place in Kyiv. During the event stressed that today the great attention is paid to the introduction and ensuring gender equality at the highest level in Ukraine. The importance of this issue was noted by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman. During the congress, international experts from the USA, Canada, France, Croatia, Australia, representatives of NATO, as well as Ukrainian representatives of parliament, government, civil society, business, media and higher education institutions shared their experience.  ZNU at the international event was represented by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Educational Activities, Head of the Center for Gender Education of ZNU Tetiana Holovanova.

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10.12.2018 12:29
ZNU joined the program of the Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

ZNU joined the program of the Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

In the framework of the international project "Progressive management of universities", in the period from 12 to 16 November 2018, the educational program "Open University: processes of inclusion in the University environment" was held in Brno (Czech Republic).

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20.11.2018 12:17

American psychologist Andrew Heddert met with teachers and students of the Faculty of SPP

April 26 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU was a regular public lecture of PhD Andrew Heddert (PhD, Clinical Psychology, USA), which was devoted to practical methods of psychological assistance to the family. Participating in the event were senior students of specialty "Practical Psychology" and teachers of the faculty.
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28.04.2016 11:25

The Faculty of SPP presented their experience to foreign colleagues

During the work visit to ZNU representatives of Tartu University Narva College (Estonia) visited Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology. Scientists discussed with teachers of ZNU topics such as the history of the profession of social pedagogue and specificity of socio-pedagogical work in Ukraine and Estonia, and identified possible ways of cooperation. In addition, special guests of the faculty visiting the stage prepared by students of the Faculty of SPP.
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13.01.2016 15:14

«Traditions. Culture. Mentality»: a festive meeting of the English Club at the Faculty of SPP

At the faculty of social pedagogics and psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University meets regularly «English speaking club». The meetings are held under the constant guidance of Associate Professor of Pedagogics and Psychology Department Natalia Mosol educational activities. On December 25 its meeting invited volunteer David Mckitryk. During a meeting with its club members discussed the traditions, the culture and mentality of different peoples.
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25.12.2015 11:45

At the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology hold meetings of «English speaking club»

During the semester at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University held a meeting with volunteer David McKitryk in the format of «English speaking club». During this time Students of the Faculty of SPP took part in the discussion of various issues. They discussed the features of education system in Ukraine and the United States on volunteering and charitable projects. They also determined the examples of professionals in the field of social community, explored the question of professional self-determination and a career, finding their own path and ourselves.
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07.12.2015 10:04

Faculty of SPP supports and develops international relations in the context of the study of trauma psychology

With the initiative and support of Dean of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, honored worker of Ukraine, Associate Professor at the Faculty Olha Ponomarenko started active cooperation with foreign colleagues up to date for modern Ukrainian society towards trauma psychology. Thus, on September 22 a joint lecture of Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Andrew Geddert from California (USA) and senior lecturer of the Department of Applied Psychology, Ph.D. in Psychology, Olha Ishchuk on "Trauma: Psychological Peculiarities and Healing".
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23.09.2015 10:39

Psychologists have studied the international experience how to deal with traumas of military

September 18 evening at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU held an online meeting of supervisory groups with the therapist Bruce Young (California, USA) and psychologists and volunteers of Zaporizhzhya. The event was made possible through the active cooperation of the NGO "Development Foundation" and staff Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, including the Department of Applied Psychology. Coordinator of the event "Psychological Techniques for Working with Trauma for Military" was Olga Ishchuk.
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21.09.2015 14:28

Psychologists have discussed how best to work with soldiers in need of help

Representatives of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology, Department of Practical Psychology together with the public organization «Development Foundation» continue to work under the guidance of psychological enlightenment , psychotherapeutic care of psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, volunteers.
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22.06.2015 11:06
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