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Session of January Scientific Council

At the regular session of Scientific Council of ZNU several questions were discussed: state and perspectives of professional promotion among pupils - report of the dean of the Faculty of Pre-university Preparation Irina Bacalenko; the analysis of work of separated structural departments - reported the associate rector of ZNU in scientific-educational work Volodimir Volkov; execution of decision of the Board of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from 5 December, 2006 “State of work in extermination, prevention and avoidance of bribery, infringement of financial-proprietary activity in sphere of education and assignments for realisation of ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 29 November, 2006” - reported the first associate rector Fedir Turchenko.
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31.01.2007 12:59

Seventh International Contest in Ukrainian language

In Zaporizhzhya solemnities on the occasion of awarding the winners of regional stage of the Seventh International Contest in the Ukrainian language passed. Two students of ZNU were awarded: Igor Isaev (the Philological Faculty) and Iulija Prizhko (the Physical Faculty). All the awarded experts in Ukrainian language took part in All-Ukrainian tour of competitions.
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31.01.2007 12:58

Regional educative-scientific-industrial center «Ecology»

Due to support of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration the work in opening of Regional educative-scientific-industrial center «Еcology» in Zaporizhzhya National University at the Biological Faculty was begun.
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31.01.2007 12:56

All-Ukrainian pupils’ Olympiad in “Informatics” in ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University the third - regional tour of All-Ukrainian pupils’ Olympiad in “Informatics” was held. The coordinator of its conduct in our University became the head of the chair of information technologies Sergij Boriu.
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31.01.2007 12:54

«Orbita-University» became winner again!

In Zaporizhzhya National University the 10-th tour of the first stage of Chempionship of Ukraine in volleyball among female teams of Super-League passed. The team «Orbita-University» (ZNU) beat «Kerkinitida» (Evpatoriya) in both games. Our sportswomen acquired convincing victory 3: 0 in both competitions. According to results of games the best players became the captain «Orbita-University» Olga Gejko and a player of «Kerkinitida» Anastasija Pustovoitova.
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29.01.2007 14:14

In ZNU were announced results of students’ scientific olympiads and contests

Today, on January, 29 at a session of rectorate awarding of winners of All-Ukrainian students’ olympiad and All-Ukrainian contest of students’ scientific works was held.
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29.01.2007 14:12

Ivan and Juriy Yakushevy celebrate their jubilee

Brothers-twins Ivan and Juriy Yakushevs work in our University for a long time. Ivan Grigorovich was an associate rector in administrative-economic work, and now he is the head of the department of security of work. Juriy Grigorovich is the head of service of supervision over safe technological condition of building constructions of operational buildings, constructions and ingeneering networks of the University.
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27.01.2007 14:15

Biological Faculty developed text-books in «Ecology of Native Region»

Lecturers of the Biological Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University took part in a new ecologic-educative action that had been initiated by Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration.
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26.01.2007 14:17

Dean of Law Faculty became professor Tetyana Kolomoets

At the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University a solemn session of the Scientific Council of the Faculty was held, on which its new dean was chosen - professor, the Doctor of Law Tetyana Kolomoets. Among other questions were considered staff changes, videopresentation of achievements of the Faculty during 2006 year was conducted.
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25.01.2007 13:09

Ambassador of USA in Ukraine Wiliam Tailor visited ZNU

On January, 25, in the framework of his official visit to Zaporizhzhya, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of USA in Ukraine Wiliam Tailor visited Zaporizhzhya National University on invitation of the Faculty of Journalism and its dean Volodimir Manakin. The Ambassador met with the Rector of ZNU Sergij Timchenko, administration of the University, its lecturing staff, students of ZNU, and also gave an exclusive interview to the student of the Faculty of Journalism Katerina Siriniok.
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25.01.2007 12:58
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