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New and Ex Graduate Students Grand Meeting

The new post graduate students and aspirantura and doctorantura graduated received their acknowledgements.
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30.10.2009 10:33

New Terms and Conditions High Educational Establishments Entry

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine passed new terms and conditions of the high educational establishments entry. For being an applicant to the high educational establishment of the 3rd or 4th level of accreditation one needs two instead of three certificates of the External Independent Evaluation.
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29.10.2009 10:12

ZNU Joined Jurists Preparation System Reforming

Dean of the Law Department of ZNU Tetiana Kolomoets participated in the All-Ukrainian Conference devoted to the reforming of the preparation system of the jurists. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
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29.10.2009 10:10

ZNU Professors Care about Enhancing of Zaporizhzhya Teachers Qualification

It’s the third time the methodical seminar-practicum for the teacher of the foreign languages is taking place at the Department of Foreign Languages.
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29.10.2009 10:02

Mother Tongue Holiday Started

Traditionally, the celebration of the Mother Tongue Holiday has started by the Department of Philology. More than 15 years ago Professor Petro Bilousenko founded the tradition of the celebration in the University.
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29.10.2009 09:51

Scientists Discuss Regional Economic Potential Specifics

The Department of Management of ZNU holds the Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference “Administration of the Economic Potential of the Region”. 102 persons participated in the conference, and 195 people sent the abstracts of their papers for the conference book of materials.
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29.10.2009 09:42

University Entrance Corruption Level Discussed in ZNU

The participants of the round table noticed that with implementing new entering testing system to the higher educational establishments the corruption in the universities decreased nearly to the zero level. The event was held within the project “Worth Ukraine” administrated by the Management Systems International and some other Ukrainian organizations.
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28.10.2009 19:19

Department of Philology Freshmen Welcomed as Students

On October 28th the grand ceremony of freshmen welcome was held on ZNU Department of Philology. Now they are officially proclaimed as the students.
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28.10.2009 19:15

ZNU Teacher Got Title Honored Coach of Ukraine

Senior teacher of the Division of Sport Games of the Department of Physical Education, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergiy Popov has got the title Honored Coach of Ukraine.
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28.10.2009 19:13

Zavtra.UA for Young ZNU Scientists

The public defending of the competition projects for the Zavtra.UA Viktor Pinchuk Fund Scholarship finished on October 22nd in ZNU. 15 out of 35 students were selected to the next round of competition. Last year only 17 participants submitted their papers and 7 of them got the scholarship.
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28.10.2009 18:17
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