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Results of 2nd Regional Mathematics and Computer Science Papers Contest for School and College Students

Following the Prospective Affairs schedule and programme of ‘Young University’ Talented School Students Scientific Society, contest in Mathematics and Computer Science was organised at the Faculty of Mathematics, which had four nominations: Best Paper in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Programming.

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14.05.2012 16:46

For the first time ever the College of Economics and Law student stood for Zaporizhzhya region at the 6th All-Ukrainian Contest on Information Science and Computer Equipment

After the results of regional contest 3rd year student of the College of Economics and Law majoring in Software Development Artem Taran became 1st winner and was selected to stand for Zaporizhzhya region at All-Ukrainian level, supervised by the College professor Olena Tsimmerman.

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08.05.2012 00:52

‘Youth Science 2012’ at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration

April, 12 theme group session was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration. The conference attendees - scholars, students and professors – discussed current problematic issues in Social, Political Sciences and Social Work. About 62 undergraduate and postgraduate students took part in theme group sessions.

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25.04.2012 11:41

Student of the College of Economics and Law participated in All-Ukrainian Contest of Ukrainian Language

March, 28-30, Poltava, a literature capital of Ukraine, the 2nd All-Ukrainian Contest Final in Ukrainian Language was held. First year student of the College Olga Popova has successfully overcome all the obstacles in the strenuous struggle.  It is the first time that College students attend such a high-level contest

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18.04.2012 11:10

Seven ZNU students to win in Pinchuk’s Fund ZAVTRA.UA Scholarship Programme

Among ZAVTRA.UA 2012 Scholarship holders  seven students from Zaporizhzhya National University.



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17.04.2012 22:24

The best expert on Chemistry identified in ZNU

 The competition for the smartest student in Chemistry was held at the Faculty of Biology last week.

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09.04.2012 09:05

Students of Philology became winners of the national level contests and competitions

Fourth year students of Russian Language and Literature Anna Babanina and Yulia Gryn have demonstrated high performance level in mastering Russian language and literature at the Student Scientific Contest.
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05.04.2012 15:24

Student of the College of Economics and Law is the first-runner at the Regional Contest in Ukrainian Language and Literature

Olga Popova, 1st year student majoring in Publishing and Editing became the winner of Regional Contest in Ukrainian language and literature
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21.02.2012 08:55

Outcomes of Research and Creative Projects Contest on ‘Europe in Ukraine, Ukraine in Europe: Youth Perception 2011-2012’

Student Research and Creative Projects final was carried out in the Centre of European Information, ZNU Scientific Library
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17.02.2012 16:13

Faculty of Biology is ready for round 2 of Ukrainian student research project contest

Following the decree by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ZNU has been selected as the base for holding round 2 of the Contest in Biological Sciences.
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13.02.2012 00:12
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