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In MES noted the high level of scientific and research work for 2012 ZNU

From February 11 to March 12 of this year, the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine continues reporting on the results of a campaign of scientific, scientific and technical activities of higher education institutions in 2012.

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11.03.2013 16:55

In ZNU were mock training in foreign languages​​, geography and Russian language

March 10, Zaporizhzhya National University passed the next trial training for school-leavers. In the first half of the day to get tested for foreign languages ​​- namely English, French, German and Spanish. The next morning seniors tried their hand in the drafting of the tests on the Russian language, and geography.

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11.03.2013 13:50

At the Department of Sociology and Administration ZNU started school of applied sociology

March 4 at the Department of Sociology and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University started operating the first Ukrainian school of applied sociology. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the organizers - the sector case studies based on the FSO - focused their attention on the aspect of the application. While most schools are limited to the development of sociological theoretical foundations of sociology.

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11.03.2013 12:08

Faculty of Economics congratulated teachers and students on the occasion of spring, tenderness and beauty

March 7 at the Economics Department of Zaporizhzhya National University staged a concert dedicated to the International Women's Day. Gifts for teachers and students of the Faculty was the song, dance performances and surprises.

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11.03.2013 10:22

Faculty of Economics discussed the issues of food security

Representatives of the Department of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University continues to consider topical issues in modern macroeconomics. On 6 March, the Faculty of Economics held a round table discussion on "Food (and economic) security of Ukraine».

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11.03.2013 09:54

Presentation charity campaign "I am for you" in ZNU

March 7 in Zaporizhzhya National University was presented urban social charity campaign "I am for you." The event was organized activist Dmitry Shumanov and student mayor Zaporozhye, leader of the youth social movement "AktyvZ" Mikhail Fedorov.
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11.03.2013 09:36
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