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Postgraduate and doctoral welcomes LYASHOVA Nazar M. successful defense of the dissertation!

Protection was held March 15, 2013, specialty 10.01.01 - Ukrainian literature, supervisor - Shevchenko VF We wish you good health, happiness, inspiration and new achievements in work and scientific research.
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18.03.2013 16:43

Division aspyranturы and doktoranturы congratulates Yulyyu Vladymyrovna affectionate with uspeshnoy zaschytoy kandydatskoy OI!

The defense took place March 15, 2013, specialty 10.01.01 - Ukrainian literature, scientific adviser - Stadnichenko AA
Good health, aging, new professional heights of happiness and family comfort!
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18.03.2013 16:23

Students Mathematics Department participated in the "Battle of the universities'

March 16 at the Palace of Culture "DSS" began citywide event "Battle of universities." In the event was attended by representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy. Honour our university defended five students mathematics faculty led senior lecturer in information technology Vadim Maslennikova.
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18.03.2013 16:15

Representatives Students participated in celebrating Pancake

March 17 at the cascade of fountains "Rainbow" to mark the last day of oil a week, brought together several thousand people in the city and its visitors. For the first time in Zaporozhye Pancake celebrated with such panache. Do not remain aloof from general celebration and representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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18.03.2013 15:37

Professor Theodore Turchenko became the honorary guest of the Lviv conferenceи

March 14-15 in Lviv the conference "History of Ukraine XIX - XX centuries.: New approaches and interpretations." The event was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Historical Research Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

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18.03.2013 13:41

In ZNU training in the Ukrainian language and literature had a record number of participants

March 17, the regular mock training in the Ukrainian language and literature, as well as world literature, which was put on the list of the VNO in the year. Take part in the pre-testing in the Ukrainian language and literature in 2100 expressed a desire to graduate school, which is a record. In the second half of the day were held mock training on world literature. It was attended by 125 high school students.

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18.03.2013 13:27

Faculty of Economics ZNU discussed the automation of business processes in the field of economics

March 15 at the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University the training "The automation of business processes in the economy - a view developers." The organizer of the event were the Department of Economic Cybernetics ZNU and company "Prokom».

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18.03.2013 13:02

Students of the Faculty of History Museum visited Dnepropetrovsk Jewish history and the Holocaust

March 17, students and faculty of the historical faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Dnepropetrovsk Jewish History Museum and the Holocaust. The visit took place at the invitation of the director of the museum, a graduate of the Faculty of History ZNU Igor Schupak.

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18.03.2013 12:58

Faculty of Philology ZNU Shevchenko reading

March 15 sophomore Philology Zaporizhzhya National Shevchenko University performed traditional readings dedicated to the 199 anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian poet, writer, artist and public figure of Taras Shevchenko.

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18.03.2013 11:45

In Economics and Law College ZNU a meeting section of philological sciences

March 15, Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University of the V Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science-2013" held a working meeting of the section of philological sciences. They worked in two groups - "Ukrainian Language and Literature" and "World Literature»

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18.03.2013 11:26
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