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Issue of “Electronic Control in Ukraine” was discussed at the Law Faculty of ZNU

The members of The Student’s and Graduate student’s Scientific Society of the law faculty discussed the issue of “Electronic Control in Ukraine”. The director of the SGSS of law faculty – Olexander Kolomoyets was the moderator of this event.

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29.03.2013 09:35

Students Faculty of Law Students visited the Museum of Aviation Plant "Motor Sich"

March 27 students of the Faculty Students visited the Museum of Aviation Plant "Motor Sich". Tour organized Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law Nikolai Martynov.
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28.03.2013 11:36

Students of law faculty joined the social and charitable contribution"I for You"

On 26thof March took place the final stage of the social contribution "I for You" at law faculty of ZNU. The senior lecturer Mykolay Martynov and student government of law facultyt were arranged this with support of the dean of law faculty – Tetyana Kolomoyets. The students and lecturers of law faculty collected 915 books on this event. The part from them will be transferred to Mykhailo Fedorov – the organizer of this social contribution, and other part - to city schools. 

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27.03.2013 09:26

At law department discussed features of functioning of the Supreme Council of Justice

At law department of the ZNU held the round table meeting on a subject "The Supreme Council of Justice as Involvement Body to Responsibility of Judges ". Meeting organized by The Student’s and Graduate student’s Scientific Society of law faculty.

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25.03.2013 11:32

At law faculty of ZNU passed meeting of “Communication club in English for lawyers”

On 20 of March at law faculty of ZNU took place the second meeting of communication club in English “English Speaking Club”. As the organizer of action acted the office of Student League of Ukrainian Lawyers Association in Zaporizhzhya. 

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21.03.2013 10:00

Law students participated in the national competition of scientific works of jurisprudence

From 14 to 16 March in Lutsk was the second competition of student works of jurisprudence. Participation in the competition was over a hundred students from various regions of Ukraine. Our university was represented at the competition fifth-year student Anton Fomin, second-year student Dmitry Kalnysh and John Shumeyko. Supervisor - Doctor of Law, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law Tatiana Kolomoyets. Students accompanied by lecturers Iya cuckoo.
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19.03.2013 09:43

Law Students Students celebrated Pancake

March 15, at the end of the week Pancake, student council Law School Students organized a holiday for students and teachers. Second floor Fifth Corps News became the venue for the celebration. The event was organized with the support of Dean of the Faculty of Law Tatiana Kolomoets and senior lecturer Nikolai Martynov. And immediately prepared his students of the Faculty of courses and KVN team Faculty of Law "3.4-2".
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19.03.2013 09:35

ZNU Lawyers Work to Improve the Legislation of Ukraine

The regional stage of the scientific-practical conference "Actual Problems of Administrative Law and Process" was held at ZNU Faculty of Law. Today the section session of the event has taken place featuring students, graduates and young scientists of the Faculty.
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15.03.2013 14:41

Faculty of Law held its first competition in sport, "What? Where? When? "

Faculty Students spent the first Departmental competition game "What? Where? When? ". The idea of ​​holding such an event offered students the second year Serdyuk Margarita, Mikhail Shevchenko and Ivan Shumeyko. Having strong support from the Students' League Bar Association of Ukraine (Zaporozhye branch chairman Dmitry Suprun), Student Council faculty and Ph.D., professor Nikolai Martynov initiative students was implemented.
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15.03.2013 12:17

In the ZNU discussed aspects of legal psychology

March 14 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology Zaporizhzhya National University held a roundtable "Legal Psychology". The event was organized activists Scientific Society Students Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.
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15.03.2013 09:17
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