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The trial tests from the Dnipropetrovsk regional center of estimation of education began in ZNU

On 23rd of March in ZNU began the first session of trial tests on the Independent External Evaluation from the Dnipropetrovsk regional center of estimation of education quality. All who wanted to check their level of the knowledge of Ukrainian and literature, biology, physics, the world history and of foreign languages or Russian visited our university on this day.

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26.03.2013 09:00

The trial testing of mathematics and physics took place in ZNU

The free trainings of in the submitted subjects for the Independent External Evaluation proceed in ZNU. On 24th of March the senior pupils of city and region visited our university.

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25.03.2013 16:11

In ZNU training in the Ukrainian language and literature had a record number of participants

March 17, the regular mock training in the Ukrainian language and literature, as well as world literature, which was put on the list of the VNO in the year. Take part in the pre-testing in the Ukrainian language and literature in 2100 expressed a desire to graduate school, which is a record. In the second half of the day were held mock training on world literature. It was attended by 125 high school students.

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18.03.2013 13:27

In ZNU were mock training in foreign languages​​, geography and Russian language

March 10, Zaporizhzhya National University passed the next trial training for school-leavers. In the first half of the day to get tested for foreign languages ​​- namely English, French, German and Spanish. The next morning seniors tried their hand in the drafting of the tests on the Russian language, and geography.

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11.03.2013 13:50

In ZNU began training on external independent evaluation

For the fifth year in a row Zaporizhzhya National University conducts free mock training in subjects taken at UPE. March 3 on the basis of the University held its first training - in biology and chemistry. About 500 high school students decided to test their knowledge of biology, chemistry testing was attended by around 300 people.

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04.03.2013 11:03
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