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Gender parity - the foundation of a healthy society

March 28 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology Students held "Gender Forum 2013." His theme this time was: "The practice of gender education southeast of Ukraine."
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29.03.2013 12:01

Students of the Theatre arts - on the scene of New Theater

On 23 of March on scene of RC “Kirov” took place the premiere of the New Theater in Zaporizhzhya - the melodrama according to Leonard Gersh "Such free butterflies". This play became considerable creative achievement for all staff of New Theater and the noticeable work for our higher education institution as among actors there are representatives of social pedagogy and psychology faculty.

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26.03.2013 14:47

Theatrical actors from France visited the faculty of SPP

On 23 of March the Franch actors of “Théatre de l'imprévu” were visited the acting department of the SPP faculty. 

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26.03.2013 11:44

Students of SPP reported about passing of practical training

On 22 of March took place the reporting conference on educational diagnostic practice of third year students of the"Social pedagogy" speciality of the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.

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25.03.2013 14:07

In the ZNU discussed aspects of legal psychology

March 14 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology Zaporizhzhya National University held a roundtable "Legal Psychology". The event was organized activists Scientific Society Students Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.
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15.03.2013 09:17

Congratulations to students of CSE with a victory in the competition readers!

Last week in Dnepropetrovsk hosted annual reading contest Lesya Ukrainka. The competition was held in two stages: I tour - read one of the works of Lesia Ukrainka, II round - rant contemporary work. Students of the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology ZNU specialty "Performing arts" took first place!

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04.03.2013 13:50
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