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Indoor soccer - 3rd kind of sport competitions among university teachers and staff

January 30 held competitions on indoor soccer under sports contest among university teachers and staff. In sport event took part 4 teams.
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30.01.2014 14:55

In Zaporizhzhya National University started sports contest among the teachers and staff of the university

January 28 in our university held the first competition in the framework of sports contest among the teachers and staff of Zaporizhzhya National - namely of checkers.
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28.01.2014 13:30

Volleyball team "Orbita ZTMK-ZNU" won Rivne "Regina-Megu-OSHVSM"

After the Christmas holidays last game of Championship of Ukraine's volleyball women's teams. Zaporizhzhya team "Orbita ZTMK-ZNU" at home, in the Palace of Sports "ZAS" took "Regina-Megu-OSHVSM" (Rivne).
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20.01.2014 13:43

ZNU sprinters Mariya Remen and Olesya Povkh won in the referendum "Sports Year Laureates"

Late last year, Zaporizhzhya journalists and sports officials took part in the traditional referendum "Sports Year Laureates". They had to determine the three best sportsmen, coaches, teams of game kinds of sports. In a survey conducted under the auspices of Zaporizhzhya association of sports journalists and editors of "Zaporizka Pravda", was attended by 30 respondents.
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16.01.2014 15:06
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