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At the Faculty of History launched a new tradition

March 28, in the World Day of the historian, the representatives of the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University staged a festive break for teachers and students of the Faculty. Organizers of the solemn event - activists of the Students' Council of the Faculty - took care of the festive mood of their friends and colleagues.
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31.03.2014 11:26

At the Faculty of History continues to work "Discussion club"

Creating a "Discussion club" on the basis of the Faculty of History of ZNU was motivated by a desire and need for vocational students learn to ask questions, technical support one's opinion, skillfully debate, share their experiences and ideas on various matters of historical, political, socio-cultural, natural and other sectors of human society.
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31.03.2014 10:56

The artistic heritage of the Great Poet through the prism of historical scholarship

March 5 representatives of Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University organized a roundtable on "I am tormented, I suffer, but I do not repent", to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko.
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05.03.2014 16:29
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