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For students of ELC conducted information and education training on social partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy

December 3 Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Honorary President of the Regional Youth Ecological and Regional Studies Center "Svarog", Head of the Committee of Zaporizhzhya City Youth Council in Zaporizhzhya City Council, a graduate of our university Yurii Bilyi. Guest of honor held for students of "Social Work" specialty of ELC information and educational training "Social Partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy". The event was part of the Week of social work that is underway at the college.
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04.12.2014 08:23

Students of ZNU told how to get the top job in a leading international or Ukrainian company

December 1, in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a workshop for students on "How expensive to sell themselves in the labor market?", organized by representatives of the Students' Council of ZNU with the support of the European Union "Development of professional competence of specialists of Ukraine". The event was attended by 80 students both of ZNU as well as other higher educational institutions in the city and region.
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02.12.2014 11:43

In ZNU lasts five days workshop for teachers of German from the Goethe-Institut

8 November in Zaporizhzhya National University started workshop from the Goethe Institute for German teachers. To improve qualification expressed a desire 22 teachers of Zaporizhzhya, Melitopol and from Donetsk, Khartsizsk, Dzerzhinsk and Kramatorsk. For five days they study on the latest teaching methods and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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10.11.2014 10:22

At the Faculty of Biology was held a workshop for Zaporizhzhya teachers

Faculty of Biology of ZNU continued fruitful cooperation with teachers of natural sciences of Zaporizhzhya region. Thus, on 23rd October his teachers on the basis of ZNU organized a workshop for school teachers of biology, ecology and chemistry of Zaporizhzhya region.
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27.10.2014 08:59

On the basis of the Law Faculty of ZNU was held a workshop for school teachers

October 23 at the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University was held an annual workshop for school teachers of educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels "Innovative technologies in teaching and training courses of students lawyers to participate in competitive events of law". The organizers of this event were the Faculty of Law of ZNU, Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute for Postgraduate Education and Zaporizhzhya regional center for tourism and local history of school youth with the support of Zaporizhzhya City Council.
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24.10.2014 11:39

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages was held the 19th methodological workshop for teachers of Zaporizhzhya

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU has always attached great importance to vocational activities and cooperation with teachers of educational institutions of secondary education. Thus, a form of permanent cooperation of representatives of this Faculty from the schools of the city and region are teaching workshops for teachers of foreign languages of Zaporizhzhya. October 23 on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Languages was held already the 19th similar workshop where with school teachers of English, French and German sharing innovative techniques and new materials that will be useful to them in preparing students to pass the relevant tests of External Independent Tests.
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23.10.2014 15:26

At the Faculty of SPP conducted a regional scientific-practical workshop for social workers

October 9 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU there was a regional scientific-practical workshop "Social work with older people: experience, problems and prospects". Event was organized by the Faculty of SPP of Zaporizhzhya National University, Department of Social Pedagogics, Department of Social Welfare of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, Zaporizhzhya Territorial Center of Social Services (provision of social services), Zaporizhzhya Regional NGO "Center of family support and education in the community "Florence".
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13.10.2014 09:16

At the Faculty of Economics was held a scientific workshop for school teachers

October 7 at the Faculty of Economics was held regular scientific workshop for school teachers in economics. It was devoted to the preparation of research students, members of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to participate in All-Ukrainian contest-defense and the use of innovative educational technologies in the educational process.
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08.10.2014 15:18

Representative of the Faculty of Law of ZNU participated in the international workshop on modern tendencies and issues of international security

Recently, at the School of Senior Civil Service of Ukraine was organized a workshop on "Current trends and challenges to international security". Organizers of the workshop - members of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service - invited to talk about topical issues of trainers and teaching staff who take part in training, training and retraining of civil servants and local government officials in European integration and Euro-Atlantic cooperation. Zaporizhzhya National University was represented by assistant professor of the Department of Administrative and Economic Law of the Faculty of Law Marharyta Hermaniuk.
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16.06.2014 09:10

Staff of the Scientific Library of ZNU held a training workshop on "Creating of electronic library"

May 20 members of the Scientific Library of of Zaporizhzhya National University in cooperation with the Scientific and Methodological Center for Vocational Education Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration held a training workshop for librarians of vocational schools of Zaporizhzhya on the topic "Creating of electronic library".
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21.05.2014 13:15
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