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The 8th students' "Christmas Readings" gathered about 200 young scientists of the Faculty of Foreign Philology

On December 24 at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University for the eighth time held a traditional scientific event - inter-university student conference "Christmas readings". This year to discuss topical issues of learning foreign languages, literature, translation and teaching methodology in schools have expressed a desire about 200 students and high school students in our region.
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25.12.2015 11:52

At ZNU investigate problems and prospects of development of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical sciences

On 27 November at ZNU started the IV Regional Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Actual problems and prospects of development of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical sciences". The participants were 124 young scientists, including representatives of our university, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy.
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30.11.2015 09:39

First time at ZNU held a conference on sustainable development and the greening of the economy

On November 24 at Zaporizhzhya National University held the second National Conference "Sustainable development of the economy based on resource efficiency". It started on the initiative of representatives of Economics Faculty of ZNU with the support of state and public organizations and the participation of many institutions of higher education - the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, Ukrainian Union of economists, the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, the Center for Ecological Culture in Zaporizhzhya, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy and others. During the conference, participants discussed the priority issues that today constitute the basis of the sustainable development strategy of our country, and a number of the related issues: the greening of production, global reorientation of the energy system to renewable resources, the need to reform the economic system involving innovation and investment in the industry ecological production, and problems associated with this administrative reform of decentralization.
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25.11.2015 15:52

At the Faculty of Physics held regional conference

Yesterday, according to the plan of international, national, regional (inter-university), university research, scientific, methodical scientifically conferences and seminars in Zaporizhzhya National University in 2015, at the Physics Faculty hosted a regional inter-university conference "Theoretical and Experimental Basics of Material Science". It was attended by scholars of our university, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University and representatives of enterprises of Zaporizhzhya.
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01.10.2015 15:29

Faculty of History devoted international conference to studying and mastering the underground space

Today, September 25, at the faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University begins its two-day International Conference "Underground space, exploration, research, secondary use". The scope of this research collection is unique not only for academic historians of our university, but also for members of all national science. The importance and relevance of the proposed for consideration and discussion of topics by the fact that the event has shown willingness to participate 40 scientists from leading universities from all regions of Ukraine. Also their thesis for the conference submitted by researchers from the UK, Germany, Poland, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.
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25.09.2015 15:52

At ZNU finished the work of the conference with Energy Efficient Technologies

June 18, at Zaporizhzhya National University continue its work scientific-practical conference, which is supported by the Zaporizhzhya City Council, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Facility Management Association (Germany), City Public Organisation "People and Society" within the framework of Sustainable Energy Days in Zaporizhzhya and dedicated to the achievements of our university in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving.
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19.06.2015 12:50

At ZNU conference on "Management of socio-economic development of regions and state" gathered young scientists

On April 16, at Zaporizhzhya National University began its work the ninth International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Managing socio-economic development and state". For two days, young scientists from leading universities of Zaporizhzhya, Melitopol, Kyiv, Irpin, Sumy, Ostrog, Lviv and other cities will discuss various aspects of the current strategy of our country in a globalizing world economy processes.
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16.04.2015 15:03

"Young Science-2015" at the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU brought together about a hundred young scientists

On April 8-10 at the Faculty of Journalism was held the 8th meeting under section of the University Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science-2015". The conference was attended by 102 students of the Faculty of Journalism and four students of Economics and Law College of ZNU.
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15.04.2015 09:51

In the Economics and Law College of ZNU continuing the conference "Young Science-2015»

Students of the Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University continued actively take part in meetings of the section of VII University Scientific and Practical Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Young Science 2015". March 18, the 1-4 years students presented their scientific works during the meeting of the session of information technology and programming.
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23.03.2015 11:39

Participants of the conference the students have made changes to the provisions "About student's self-government"

March 19, at Zaporizhzhya National University held next working conference for students. Its participants - delegates of students from all faculties of our university - considered a number of important questions related with student's self-government in Higher Educational Institution. They listened the report by the head of Student Council of ZNU Olha Lebedieva according to the results of student's active of the last year, voted for the proposed quota students of autonomous bodies affiliated of the Scientific Council and updated the list of student-delegates at the Conference of staff members. They also approved cost estimate for 2015 year and decree the changes to the provisions "About student's self-government of ZNU".
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19.03.2015 16:25
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