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At the Faculty of Philology held the presentation of the album "Khora" of Zaporizhzhya poet Oleksandr Medka

Zaporizhzhya National University is always happy to welcome writers, poets and creative people who want to share with the students their heritage and creative advice. On 8th of December remember the arrival in our university of Zaporizhzhya poet and translator Oleksandr Medka. The poet made a presentation of his collection of poems, published in 2014, "Khora" .
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09.12.2015 10:39

Marharyta Surzhenko presented at ZNU her book "New Life. Stories from the West to the East "

On December 7 in the Scientific Library of Zaporizhzhya National University made a presentation of a new book from Lugansk writer who now lives in Kiev, Marharyta Surzhenko. During the meeting participants - teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Journalism - learned how Mrs. Marharyta begin writing career, as well as her credo as a writer and creative plans.
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08.12.2015 15:10

Quest in psychology for students from the Faculty of SPP

December 1, Zaporizhzhya National University conducted a quest for 2nd year students of the Faculty of Philology - students of "Psychology". The event was held with representatives of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of the Faculty of SPP.
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01.12.2015 14:31

"School of Philology" has started its work

This academic year for the first time has held a meeting of "School of Philology" for teachers of Ukrainian language and literature, Russian language and literature, foreign literature meters. Zaporizhzhya gathered more than 120 representatives of middle level of education. The event was organized jointly by ZNU Philological Faculty of Information-analytical methodical center of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya City Council.
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13.11.2015 11:13

At ZNU was held presentation of poetic anthology winners "Khortickiy Bells"

On October 20 at the Faculty of Philology gathered Zaporizhzhya known masters of words, scientists of ZNU and young writers are taking the first steps on their creative path. The reason for their meeting was important in Zaporozhye literary space event - the presentation of the almanac and Ukrainian contest of young Ukrainian poetry and Ukrainian art song named after Marina Bratsylo "Khortytsya Bells", which included poetry winners and participants of the creative competition.
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21.10.2015 12:12

Representatives of ZNU artistic circles of the city honored the memory of a "singer of Zaporizhzhya region" Petro Rebro

May 18 at the Faculty of Philology Zaporizhzhya National University held first scientific readings and memory of the famous poet, satirist, theorist of literature and public figure, alumnum of our university Petro Rebro. This event brought together representatives of artistic circles of Zaporizhzhya, teachers and students of our University. Petro Pavlovych Rebro family and inhabitants from village Bilotserkivka – small Motherland of the poet. During the event, participants discussed various facets of the great artistic and scientific heritage of the artist, heard poems Petro Rebro, and also told to the audience about the foundation of our award named after the famous countryman.
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19.05.2015 09:51

Philologists of ZNU visited Kyiv, Lviv and Carpathians during the May holidays

At the May holidays students of the Faculty of Philology of the area education “Ukrainian Language and Literature” alumni of specialty “Language and Literature (Russian)” traveled by Ukraine, during which learned about the monuments of culture in Kyiv and Lviv, and conquered the mountain tops of the Carpathians.
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06.05.2015 13:25

The third day of the contest "Student Spring": life in a hostel through the prism of humor and a trip in the past

In Zaporizhzhya National University continued a contest of amateur performances from the 1st to 5th year students "Student Spring-2015". Organizers of the event – members of the Center of cultural work – in this year proposed to the participants of the creative contest to give the benefit of experience with the audience of their own vision of such cheerful and creative phenomena, as students House party. April 16, the participants of the 3rd day of the contests, representatives of the faculties of Philology, History and Social Pedagogics and Psychology, came to solving this problem not banal. They demonstrated their choreographic and vocal skills in the scenery hostel, students apartments and even through the prism of memories of middle-aged married couples who are living from student years and spent together in love and harmony.
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17.04.2015 15:24

At the Philological Faculty studying biographies of Nobel Prize Laureates

April 16 at the Faculty of Philology was held a roundtable discussion "Nobel Prize in Literature". The event was organized by Associate Professor of Russian Philology Oksana Temna and 4th year students of Ukrainian and Russian Department.
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17.04.2015 15:01

At the Faculty of Philology held consultation for the 5th year students concerning their future job placement

April 7, at the Faculty of Philology of ZNU held a consultative and informational meeting for the 5th year students (Master's students and specialists) dedicated to the issues of their future job placement after graduatiing university. The initiators and organizers of the event were staff of the Department of Pre-University training, career guidance and job placement.
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08.04.2015 11:06
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