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Teachers of the Faculty of Management were trained in Turkish university

On 17-24 May in the framework of international academic exchange program Mevlyana, Associate Professor of Business Administration and International Management Department Larysa Brodskya, Yevgeniya Makazan and Iryna Ganza were with a working visit at the University of Çukurova (Adana, Turkey).
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29.05.2015 15:14

Professor Viktor Liakh returned from an internship on Mevlana Exchange Programme (Turkey)

Head of the Department of park and garden establishment and genetics of plants, professor Viktor Liakh returned from the University of Chukurov, which is among the five of the best Higher Educational Institutions in Turkey. He met with the leadership, teachers and postgraduates students of the Faculty of Biology of the foreign university. Also Viktor Liakh made a presentation about the main scientific achievements of the Department of park and garden establishment and genetics of plants of the Faculty of Biology of ZNU.
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20.04.2015 10:31

Students-managers celebrated holiday of logistics Supply Chain Day

April 16, students of the aculty of Managment of speciality "Logistics" joined to the professional logistics holidays "Supply Chain Day", held in European countries every third Thursday of April on the initiative ofthe European Logistics Association. In the framework of the events dedicated to this event was held a round table "Potential logistics of Zaporozhzhya region."
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20.04.2015 09:01

Students of the Faculty of Management took medal places in All Ukrainian Students Scientifc works

April 15 at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University at the Faculty of Economics held the 2nd stage of All-Ukrainian contest of Students Scientific works field of science "Management".
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20.04.2015 08:53

Managers of ZNU discussed methods of stabilizing of the exchange market

At the Faculty of Management held a regular round table on the subject "The impact of currency float on the efficiency of external economic operations". The main organizer of the event was Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate professor of the Department of of Business Administration and Foreign Economic Activity Management Nataliia Kovalenko.
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15.04.2015 10:45

At the Faculty of Management held the meeting of the section "Management and Logistics"

On the first day of university VIII University Scientific an Practical Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Young Science-2015" at the Faculty of Management held a working meeting of the section "Management and Logistics", under the guidance of the Associate professor of business administration and management of foreign economic activity Oleksandr Oliinyk. Besides students, in the work section took part teachers of the department of the Faculty of Management, scientists and leading specialists in the sphere of modern business. In general presented about 125 works.
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09.04.2015 09:37

In ZNU was held a conference "Modern Tendencies in Management"

March 12 at the base of ZNU was Interregional Scientific Conference for Students and Young Scientists "Modern Tendencies in Management", which was attended by 154 scientists from Zaporizhzhya, Uzhhorod and Kharkiv. The event, organized by the Faculty of Management ZNU, solved the problem of determining the actual role, impact and challenges of modern science in the field of economic potential businesses through the use of modern models of business development and appropriate tools.
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12.03.2015 16:31

Students of the Faculty of Management will study the peculiarities of cultural projects

Today, as part of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Local Development of the Faculty of Management "My Business" held its first organizational meeting of the creative direction of management of Zaporizhzhya students of the faculty. It was about creating a new specialization in the framework activities of the Centre - namely, cultural management and creative management.
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26.02.2015 15:22

At the Faculty of Management of ZNU handed master's degree diplomas

February 24 at the Faculty of Management of ZNU handed master's degree diplomas. In this year the Faculty graduated 62 masters of specialties "Foreign Economic Activity Management", "Logistics", "Management of Organizations" and "Business Administration", 25 alumni received Diplomas with Honors.
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24.02.2015 15:41

At the Faculty of Management discussed the urgent issues of logistics and management

January 12 at the Faculty of Management was held a roundtable on "Actual Problems of Organizational Management and Logistics Activities in Modern Enterprises". The event conducted by representatives of the Department of Management of Organizations and Logistics, organizers and hosts acted: PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor Olena Belousova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Serhiy Bohdanov and PhD in Economics, senior lecturer of the Department of Management of Organizations and Logistics Artem Suchkov.
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14.01.2015 09:20
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