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In ZNU passed exhibition of student mass media

In the framework of the 2-nd International scientific-practical conference “Associating students’ journalism: from study to professional development” on May 14 an exhibition of student mass media passed in Zaporizhzhya national university.
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17.05.2008 13:53

In ZNU discussed problems of associating students’ journalism

Students and lecturers of the faculty of journalism shared their experience with representatives of other universities who arrived to ZNU to take part in the 2-nd International scientific-practical conference “Associating students’ journalism: from study to professional development”. We shall remind that ZNU has a powerful media-structure: press-centre, student radio-station “Universe” and TV-studio “Universe”, the regional academic newspaper “Zaporizhzhya University”, student magazine “Dziga”, the newspaper of hostels “The 9-th store” and the newspaper of scientific student union “Scientists”.
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16.05.2008 13:51

“Zaporizhzhya readings in right” gathered lawyers from all regions of Ukraine

Among numerous scientific actions, which pass in Zaporizhzhya national university in the framework of the Festival of science, annual international scientific-practical conference “Zaporizhzhya readings in right” differs by its practical profile. Its participants are interested not only with new scientific elaboration, but also with embodiment into life of home law reform and interdependence of various law documents.
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15.05.2008 13:10

Photo contest passed in Zaporizhzhya national university

A good tradition for ZNU became the contest of young photoartists “University by eyes of students”. That time the organizer contest - the department of educational work of ZNU - made up its mind to dedicate it to 70-th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region.
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15.05.2008 13:10

“Triumphants” were awarded in Zaporizhzhya university!

With a vivid gala-concert ended almost two-month festival of students creative work “Triumphal Arch”. Final competitions passed on May 13 in the University students club.
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15.05.2008 13:09

French journalist conducts trainings in ZNU

This week the journalist from influential French Internet-Edition «Medіaрart» Pier Pusheau conducts trainings in Internet-Journalism for students of the faculty of journalism of ZNU.
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14.05.2008 13:07

Second stage of all-Ukrainian student Olympiad in physics

This year Zaporizhzhya national university became the base for two all-Ukrainian student Olympiads. Recently the student Olympiad in economic cybernetics came to the end and all-Ukrainian student Olympiad in physics became the next.
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14.05.2008 13:05

On the law faculty celebrated jubilee of the well-known scientist, professor of ZNU Volodimir Bilkun

On law faculty the solemn meeting of lecturers and students took place, dedicated to the 70-th jubilee of a scientists, well-known not only in Zaporizhzhya, but abroad, professor of the chair constitutional and labour right of ZNU Volodimir Bilkun.
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12.05.2008 13:03

Students from Sweden visited the faculty of journalism of ZNU

Today the group of students and lecturers of the faculty of mass media from the University of Technologies of Lulio (Sweden) visited the faculty of journalism of Zaporizhzhya national university.
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06.05.2008 13:01

Action «The faculty of law - to children-orphans»

On the eve of Easter holidays students of the law faculty hold a regular action in the framework of permanent charitable action «The faculty of law - to children-orphans». For more than 5 years future lawyers take care of pupils of Zaporizhzhzya boarding-school #3, in particular, of spiritual development of schoolchildren.
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06.05.2008 12:59
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