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At the Faculty of Biology have identified winner of "Best Young Scientist of the Year"

At the Faculty of Biology of Zaporizhzhya National University completed the annual contest "The Best Young Scientist of the Year". This time the results of the rating criteria of the contest winner was assistant of the Department of Landscape Design and Phytogenetics Hanna Levchuk.
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21.05.2014 09:46

Among the winners of "" - 6 students of Zaporizhzhya National University

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has identified the winners of the national contest for VIII Scholarship Program "Zavtra.UA". This year's contest is joined by over 2,000 students from all over Ukraine. Among the winners of the program - six students of our university. The main criteria for determining the best participants had a high level of expertise, independent research work, leadership, communication and creativity.
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20.05.2014 10:33

In ZNU awarded winners of the contest for the best training unit in matters of labor protection and life safety

April 28, the World Day for Safety and Health, in Zaporizhzhya National University were awarded winners of the contest among Faculties and Colleges of our university for the best training unit in matters of labor protection and life safety.
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28.04.2014 14:24

In Economics and Humanities Faculty of ZNU was held a contest for the best Easter cake

April 24 in Economics and Humanities Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University in Melitopol was held Easter competition for the best composition with Easter cake and Easter eggs. The event, which was attended by students of all areas of training took place within the month "Easter light illuminated our temple of science".
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25.04.2014 11:51

Tales of eternal values ​​presented participants of the second day "Student Spring" contest

The second day of the contest of amateur students "Students' Spring - 2014" was held by three teams - Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Social Sciences and Administration and Philology. Teachers, representatives of the Faculties of and fans actively supported their favorites with loud applause and pre-prepared placards.
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17.04.2014 10:58

At the Faculty of Management determined the winners of "Business Initiative" contest

April 15 at the Faculty of Management of ZNU was held a public defense of the contest entries of the finalists for gifted youth "Business Initiative". The purpose of the contest - to identify and support youth - future entrepreneurs who are able to implement new ideas in various fields of business and develop their business to facilitate economic development of Zaporizhzhya region and the country as a whole.
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16.04.2014 14:22

In ZNU launched a contest of amateur performances "Students' Spring 2014"

April 14 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held the first qualifying day of the Annual Competition of amateur performances students of 1st-5th years "Students' Spring 2014", organizer - Cultural Center of ZNU.
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15.04.2014 12:46

Student the Faculty of SPP Dmytro Yeremenko - among the winners of the qualifying round of the All-Ukrainian Art Competition "Voice of Ukraine"

Among students of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University - many creative people, winners of numerous competitions not only urban and regional, but also national level. Another achievement of the Faculty was 1st year confident student performance of specialty "Dramatic art" Dmytro Yeremenko on the qualifying round of 4th season Ukrainian creative contest "The Voice of the country in 2014".
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10.04.2014 11:58

Students of ZNU - among the finalists of patriotic creativity "Heritage 2014"

April 4 in the Kirov Palace of Culture was held the fifth zonal qualifying round of the contest of patriotic creativity "Heritage 2014" on the anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Among the participants and winners - the representatives of the vocal studio "Kantylena" of Cultural Center of Zaporizhzhya National University (Head of the studio - Nataliia Pyrih).
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08.04.2014 10:39

14 students of ZNU were participants of the 3rd round of the scholarship program "Zavtra.UA"

Recently it became known results of the 3rd of the scholarship program "Zavtra.UA" Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Total in the 2nd round of contest were checked by experts 1864 contest works. To participate in the 3rd round of the contest allowed 602 students from universities all over Ukraine, among them - 14 students of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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01.04.2014 10:24
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