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The team ZNU Trade College took 3rd place in quest game under the guidance of All-Ukrainian festival "Step in the future"

On the 31st of May the team of ZNU Trade College took an active part in the quest for employment in the framework of the festival "Step into the Future". Girls, future accountants of group B - 1/15 passed 8 difficult locations and won.
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02.06.2016 10:03

Academic Integrity Promotion Project gaining momentum

May 30 in Kiev Center for Contemporary Art "M17" was solemn meeting presentation of Academic Integrity Promotion Project . The event was organized by the American Councils for International Education, its main purpose was to introduce all project partners together, highlight the vision of each project partner. The event brought together all partners, representatives of universities participating stakeholders and implementing the principles of academic integrity. Representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University in the west were the coordinator of teachers, Vice-Rector for Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk, Student Project Coordinator Oksana Kovtun and member of students' teams Artem Eremenko.
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01.06.2016 09:47

ZNU 70 teachers completed training courses of foreign language intensive study

For the third consecutive year in Zaporizhzhya National University has a unique program launched by the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov of the active implementation of learning foreign languages ​​for teaching staff of ZNU. On the basis of the Faculty and the School of pedagogical skills of teachers for free ZNU are able to increase the level of foreign language (English, German, French). During this school year, more than 70 teachers improve their language skills, and now, they started final exams, they must demonstrate all acquired knowledge.
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01.06.2016 09:12

Two gold, silver and bronze of Ukraine championship in weightlifting - the students of Zaporizhzhya National University

From 25 to 28 May in Horodok (Khmelnytsky region) held the championship of Ukraine in weightlifting. In the event of Zaporizhzhya National University was attended by five students, including - two students of Economics and Law College of ZNU. Our students took prizes, winning two gold, one silver and one bronze.
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30.05.2016 15:46

In Ukraine and Swiss Centre "English for Kids" has held last class

Last week at Ukraine and Swiss Centre "English for Kids" graduated the sixth group. On this day, the final lesson for young students of the first year under the age of 4 years (teacher - Rashel Faria). The event was attended by director of Foreign Languages Intensive Study Centre of Zaporizhzhya National University Natalia Kostenko, Vice-Rector Gennadiy Vasylchuk parents and children.
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30.05.2016 09:24

At ZNU discussed the European experience of universal design and barrier-free environment

On May 27 Zaporizhzhya National University held a scientific conference "Universal Design (education and culture institutions, government agencies, infrastructure), the European experience and practice". The event was organized by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Fund of Social Protection of the Disabled, the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian parliament employable disabled" (NGO VPPI), Zaporizhzhya regional organization of NGO "Ukrainian parliament employable disabled" and ZNU.

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30.05.2016 09:17

American psychologist conducted a training at ZNU on processing traumatic experiences of war

In Zaporizhzhya National University on May 23-24, hosted a two-day training "Approach somatic and cognitive processing of traumatic experience in soldiers". Visiting coach Katja Kolcio has a degree in somatic and teaches at the University Veslinskomu (Ph.D. Somatics, Associate Professor of Dance, Movement Studies Environmental Studies Wesleyan University, CT, USA (Connecticut, USA). Her co-trainer Martha Pivovarenko - psychologist, consultant, coach, chairman of the NGO «Development Foundation», which works with physical manifestations of PTSD through body-cognitive approach (Lviv, Ukraine).
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26.05.2016 09:44

ZNU Lawyers gave a lecture American Lawyer

On May 25 within the limits of the "Justice Fair" 4th year students of the Faculty of Law ZNU listened to the video lecture of international experts on judicial reform, law professor of the University Uillemet (Oregon, USA), Gilbert Paul Carrasco on "What 'equality before the law' "?!".
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26.05.2016 09:09

Faculty of Law of ZNU visited lecturer of the Institute of International Studies of Wroclaw University

May 17 in the framework of the official visit to Zaporizhzhya National University at the Law Faculty a meeting of candidate of science, Associate Professor of the Department East European Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw Tomash Shyshlyak with professors of the Faculty.
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17.05.2016 15:08

European integration prospects of Ukraine with guest from Poland discussed the Faculty of Social Science and Administration

On May 16 at the Faculty of Social Science and Administration held a round table on "European integration prospects of Ukraine". The guest of honor of the event was the candidate of political sciences, Associate Professor of the Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw (Poland) Tomash Shyshlyak who visited ZNU as part of a bilateral agreement on cooperation between universities. Participants in the roundtable were representatives of the Faculty.
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17.05.2016 13:32
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