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ZNU Alumnus Is French University's Postrgaduate Student

The Chair of the Physics of Semiconductors opened the new academic year with the lecture of their alumnus Olexander Stepanenko. He has just graduated from the University of Main (France) with the Master Degree.
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03.09.2010 15:17

New Academic Anniversary Year Has Started in ZNU!

This year the celebration was special because it is the 80th time the Zaporizhzhya National University opens its doors for the students. Gladly, majority of ZNU freshmen are those who studied for As and Bs in the high schools.
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01.09.2010 15:06

Happy Knowledge Day!

Dear teachers, students, and the staff of Zaporizhzhya National University!
The best wishes to you and congratulations with the new academic year beginning!
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01.09.2010 15:04

Own Themis at the Law Department

The new monument was settled at the Law Department of ZNU. It was devoted to the beginning of the new academic year and the 80th anniversary of ZNU. The statue of the ancient Greek Goddess Themis is a symbol of Law.
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31.08.2010 16:57

Zaporizhzhya University Newspaper Chief Editor Won Literary Prize

The Chief editor of the oblast academic newspaper Zaporizhzhya University Tamila Tarasenko received the prize from Zaporizhzhya Oblast State Administration.
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31.08.2010 14:53

University Is Finishing the Preparation to New Academic Year

The university students, faculty and staff will start the new academic year in the renewed university. The repairs of the territory of Zaporizhhzya National University have been lasting during the whole summer.
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30.08.2010 14:36

Nina Stepanyuk Is Zaporizhzhya Student Mayor for the Second Time

The ZNU Department of Sociology and Administration senior Nina Stepanyuk has got the position of the Student City Mayor of Zaporizhzhya on July 25 at the festival "Student Republic 2010".
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30.08.2010 14:01

ZNU Students Had Language Probation in France

12 ZNU students were studying at the language courses in Le Mans (France) for a month in July. This trip will help the students to pursue the Master degree.
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30.08.2010 13:40

Azerbaijani Students Studied Ukrainian in ZNU

The university guests were attended lectures in Ukrainian Language during three summer weeks. They also learned how to cook varenyky, decorate pysanky, sing and dance Ukrainian songs. The education process was organized at the ZNU preventorium at the Khortitsa Island, where students not only studied, but also had a great rest.
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30.08.2010 13:30

Dear entrants!

Welcome at the web-site of Zaporizhzhya National University! We wish you to enter successfully to the educational establishment with 80 years of experience and convincing All-Ukrainian ratings!

For your convenience the Admissions Office of ZNU for the period of the entrance campaign from July 15th till July 30th work from 9 am till 5 pm without breaks and days off. Our address is 66-a, Zhukovsky Str. (2nd building of ZNU).

The number of applications submitted to the Admissions Office of ZNU

We recommend you to photo copy all the documents in advance. The assistants on duty will meet you at the lobby of the 2nd building and will take you to the proper office. The procedure of the application documents submitting will take you several steps:

  • attesting the copies of the documents and submitting the health certificates (2nd building’s lobby)
  • submitting the documents (offices 241, 330, library)
  • taking picture(office 117)

For the reason of guaranteeing the access to the quality education in 2010 Zaporizhzhya National University works with tuition prices of 2009.


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09.07.2010 17:51
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