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ZNU Students Supported the Program "Prevention of Disability and Blindness from Global Diseases 2012 - 2016"

Today the musical break dedicated to the problem of blurred vision in young age was held on the square in front of ZNU 2-nd Academic building organized by the Center for Cultural Work and Zaporizhzhya regional charity fund "Svitlozir".
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26.10.2012 14:02

Pupils of the Zaporizhzhya Multi-Profile Lyceum №99 Visited ZNU

October 26, the pupils of the Zaporizhzhya Multi-Profile Lyceum №99 visited ZNU. The Head of ZNU Preparatory Department, Docent Irina Bakalenko conducted the presentation about the directions of ZNU preparation and the tour around the campus.
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26.10.2012 13:53

Presentation of the Voluntary Sector "Student Heart" Took Place at ZNU Faculty of Sociology and Administrating

October 25, the presentation of the work of the voluntary sector «Student Heart» took place at the Faculty of Sociology and Administrating.

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26.10.2012 12:42

ZNU Faculty of Biology Assigned to be the Base of the Second Round of Competition in the Direction "Natural Sciences"

According to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine decree №1076 of 05.10.2012 "About the Nationwide Competition of students' scientific works of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in 2012/2013 academic years" ZNU for the second year assigned to be the base for holding the second round of the Competition in the direction "Natural Sciences".
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26.10.2012 10:37

ZNU Faculty of Journalism has Created Their Own Alley

Students of the Faculty of Journalism has created their own "Alley of Journalists" planted conifer trees - juniper "Hybernyka", spruce "Konik" and others together with their lecturers.
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26.10.2012 10:32

Managing Regional Economic Potential Discussed in ZNU

October 25, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference Problems of Managing the Regional Economic Potential took place at ZNU Faculty of Management. The event was organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya City Council, Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ZNU and Donetsk State University of Management.
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25.10.2012 15:27

ZNU Representatives Attended the Event "Learn, Work, Build Ukraine!"

Today the two-day informational and educational event "Learn, Work, Build Ukraine!" participating higher educational establishments of I - IV accreditation levels, businesses, art groups took place at the Kozak Palace expo center.
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25.10.2012 14:15

The 14-th Season of ZNU Rector's Open Cup in KVN has Begun

The 14-th Season of ZNU Rector's Open Cup in KVN has started. For the title of the most hilarious 17 teams not only from our university, but also from ZNTU and Ilchenko Zaporizhzhya Aviation College began to compete. The event is traditionally organized by ZNU Center for Cultural Work.
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25.10.2012 14:00

ZNU Faculty of SPP Meeting with Veteran Volodymir Yumatov

October 24, the meeting with the WWII veteran Volodymir Yumatov, who was a platoon commander of the 9-th Guards Poltava Airborne Division, Red Banner, Suvorov's, Kutuzov's Orders at ZNU Faculty of SPP.
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25.10.2012 10:48

Student Spartakiad has begun with Chess Tournament at ZNU

Since the beginning of the academic year an active sporting life restored in ZNU Sport complex. On October 1, the Spartakiad started among the students of our university.
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24.10.2012 11:39
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