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Diplomas Handing at Department of Physics

There was the festive handing of the diplomas at the Department of Physics on July 6th. First Vice Rector Olexandr Bondar and Head of the Chair of Social Philosophy and Administration Vitaliy Volovyk came to congratulate the gradate class.
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07.07.2010 17:42

Graduating Celebration at Department of Psychology and Social Pedagogy

On July 5 there was the handing of the diplomas to the graduates of the Department of Psychology and Social Pedagogy. The Vice Rector Olexandr Bondar, Deputy Head of City Mayor Olexandr Kuzmin and the Head of Labor Department of Zaporizhzhya Oblast Administration Victor Pancratov joined the celebration.
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07.07.2010 17:31

Graduates of Department of Sociology and Administrating Received Diplomas

Graduates of the Department of Sociology and Administrating received the diplomas on July 6. Traditionally the City Mayor Evgen Kartashov personally congratulated them and pointed on the impotence of their profession. The Dean Maxim Lepskiy and the Vice Rector Sergiy Bostan also wished the best to the graduates.
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06.07.2010 17:24

Diplomas Handing at Philological Department

The festive diplomas handing occurred on July 6 at the Philological Department. Vice Rector in Scientific and Pedagogic Work Volodymyr Volkov handed the documents.
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06.07.2010 17:13

Department of Mathematics Graduates Received Starts in Lives

On July 6 there was the handing of the diplomas to this year graduates - more than 100 people became the specialists and masters. The honorary guest Head of Committee of Family and Youth of Zaporizhzhya City Council Igor Philipenko visited the celebration. Along with the Department Dean Sergey Gonenyuk he congratulated the graduates.
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06.07.2010 17:05

Festive Diploma Handing at Management Department

On July 5 Management Department graduate class received the diplomas of Specialists and Masters.
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05.07.2010 16:58

Biology Department Graduating Ceremony

On July 5 the festive diploma handing to the Biology Department graduates took place in the university. 325 people received diplomas. The foreign guests Academician Gotlib Poltzer and Candidate of Biological Science, Assistant Professor of Irkutsk Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation) Alexander Sinilov were the honored guests of the holiday.
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05.07.2010 16:45

Law Department Graduates Received Diplomas

The festive handing of diplomas to the Law Department graduated took place in V. G. Magara Theatre of Music and Drama on July 2. The ZNU administration, graduates' relatives and friends, famous Zaporizhzhya citizens came to the celebration.
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05.07.2010 16:20

Graduating Celebration at Foreign Philology Department

The Foreign Philology Department graduate class was handed with diplomas on July 3. This year 160 young Specialists and Masters received diplomas, among which 54 - diplomas with Honors. Vice Rector Sergey Bostan and Dean Galina Moroshkina congratulated them and informed that some of the Master Diploma holders had already found jobs including the Divisions of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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05.07.2010 16:10

Diplomas Handing at Department of Journalism

The Journalism Department's graduates received their diplomas on July 3. Not only teachers but also famous department alumni - Zaporizhhzya journalists Olga Vakalo and Yurii Volod'kov came to congratulate them.
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05.07.2010 16:00
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