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The competition in volley-ball 2007

The competition in volley-ball between men is over. 9 teams took part from different faculties. Their chief judge was Vadim Chernyavskyi, the students of different faculties showed great results. The first were the students of the historical faculty, the second were the students of the mathematics faculty, the third - the economical faculty. The competition of basket-ball will be the next.
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17.03.2007 11:38

Unusual lesson on the journalism faculty

On the 15th of March the students listened to Russian romances; it became possible at the meeting with the actors which was organized by Yuriy Botner, the lecturer of the faculty. The task of the students was to listen first and then ask questions. After that they had to write about it. The prize-winner of many competitions, the teacher of actor master of ZNU Paul Kostyk sang classical romances of the 19 century. The students also took part in singing. Alexandr Zhitomirskyi sang French romance. There were a lot of questions after the meeting if there were Ukrainian romances in his repertoire; could they sing about love if they were not in love. The students were glad to be at such a non-typical lesson. After that their task was to write their own opinion and the best of them would be printed.
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16.03.2007 11:37

The meeting of the political club

The meeting of the political club dedicated to the problems of development democracy in Poland and Ukraine took place on the 15th of March, 2007.
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15.03.2007 11:36

Kobzar was commemorated at ZNU

At the hall of the second building on the 14th of March a musical composition took place "We listen to your voice, Kobzar, through centuries". The dean of the philological faculty Tamara Khomyak in her greeting speech stressed the universal and actual work of Kobzar in our days. The songs "Oh, clear water said…", "Ukraine", “Dedication to Kalnyshevskiy”, and verses by Kalnyshevskiy were performed by the students of the faculty. The verses by Simonenko and Lubriv'sky were listened too. The actor of the Magara theatre Anatoliy Rudenko also took part in the concert.
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15.03.2007 11:35

Another step to the European system of education

The lecture "The ways of applying Bolonja process into the high education in Germany" took place on the 13 of March at 14:30 in ZNU. The lecture was delivered by the coordinator of European program of preparing bachelors and masters of sociological sciences professor Volfgang Blomers from Magdeburg-Stendal University.
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15.03.2007 11:33

The holiday on the faculty of journalism

Students and teachers gathered in the hall of the second building ZNU to the concert dedicated to the International Women's Day on the 12 of March. The boys decided to greet their group-mates and teachers alone, girls and teachers were their audience. So, this time the audience didn't enjoy a wonderful singing of Yulia Murahovskaya and Darya Sinakoeva dances. On the contrary there were the teams on the stage KVK "CSKA" (Yuriy Kostyuk, Yevgeniy Doronin and Roman Tkachuk), played the group "Orange Jazz". But the performance of the student of the 1st course Igor Samokish was a real surprise. He played the accordion and his playing was awarded by the storm of applauses.
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14.03.2007 11:32

The Day of "Open Doors" at the faculty of foreign languages

This action took place on the 11th of March, where there were many students and their parents. The administration of the faculty wanted to spend this day originally. A big concert was organised for guests. After the concert the dean of the faculty Galina Moroshkina spoke about the advantages of faculty. For the first, it is a wonderful classical school. Second, studying at this faculty gives the students the opportunity to continue their education abroad. Third, they use modern methods of teaching, the students choose 2 languages and even the third language according to their will. This is advantages make our students a wonderful person and an experienced specialist. The other representatives of the faculty spoke about great perspectives before the graduates.
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12.03.2007 11:30

The Day of "Open Doors" at the faculty of history, ZNU

The day of "open doors" at the faculty of history took place on the 11 of March in room № 327, the fifth buildings, ZNU. There were a lot of school-leavers who wanted to be historians. The school-leavers had an opportunity get acquainted with teachers, professors, Assistant-professors of the historical faculty. The school-leavers also learned that the historical faculty gave life to those faculties as the department of laws, sociology and management. The school-leavers learned also about the opening of the faculty of international affairs. The representatives of the faculty stressed the fact that after graduating the students would become the real specialists, having education of European level.
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12.03.2007 11:28

The Day of "Open Doors" at the Faculty of Law

On the 11th of March at 10 in the morning at the assembly hall of the 5th building ZNU the day of "Open Doors" took place. School-leavers’ attention was turned to the fact that the faculty cooperates with specialized educational establishments from 2003 and all the necessary agreements were made.Highly educated, professors, doctors of sciences come to our university to read lectures to our students. One more advantage for future students of law is that they will be able to get useful job being the students of the 4th course. There is the system of self-government at the faculty. The students display great interest, initiative, become talented persons of great education, they can get prizes and special scholarships. Having been acquainted with the university, the school-leavers took part in the test.
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12.03.2007 11:27

The International Women's Day in ZNU

The students of ZNU greeted their classmates and teachers with the spring holiday. Moreover the women got holiday wall newspapers as presents, with greetings and wishes from men. The 1st building was decorated with 5 coloured newspapers with greetings and wishes to women and girls. The most original was the newspaper of the faculty of physical education: the sky and the moon, outlined with red roses with the inscription "March, 8th". This is how explains it one of the students Marina: I took a sheet of paper and drew a picture on it in such a way as I wanted it to be. The rest newspapers designed more traditionally: three of them contained verses and 4th newspaper innumerate the elements from which women were made. The Assistant of the dean, Olga Annanjina valued their work in such a way: Our youth, being physics not lyrics, never forget to greet their women and girls. It is very pleasant to all of us. The newspapers are different, but they produce good impression: the boys did their best.
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12.03.2007 11:26
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