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«Mistress of the Region - 2007»

On the eve of women’s holiday the chairman of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Evgen Chervonenko awarded winners of the regional contest of «Mistress of the Region - 2007». Tetyana Kolomoets, professor, the doctor of law sciences, the dean of the law faculty of our university was among them.
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07.03.2007 12:19

Dear women of Zaporizhzhya National University!

Take our congratulations on the 8-th of March, the International Women’s Day!
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07.03.2007 12:12

Holiday Concert

The concert dedicated to the Women's International Day on the 6th of March at 13:00 in the assembly hall in the second building. It was organized by the department of humanitarian education and students Culture Club. At the beginning the associate rector Oleksandr Bondar greeted the girls and women. Serdyuk began by the concert, he is the laureate of many song competitions. He sang a song "Zaporizhanke" and "Don't leave me, love". Choreographic studio of the students' Club presented "The Waltz of flowers" and exciting Latino-American dance. The song "Milyi" was presented by the student of economical faculty Yulia Vlasenko. Yulia Murachovskaya made a very pleasant atmosphere in the hall by her song "Green maple". Hip-Hop was danced by the girls from the circle "Hard'n'Bit". Victor Vasiliev song together with Natalia Pyrig. A wonderful song was presented by Olga Ushata. The guest from ZNTU Katerina Egoricheva greeted the audience with her beautiful voice.
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07.03.2007 11:24

“Young Wine” - poetic development

On March 3 in Zaporizhzhya National University elimination tour of the poetic contest “Young Wine” was held.
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06.03.2007 12:24

In ZNU was conducted the musical break, dedicated to spring and love

In Zaporizhzhya National University the musical break to the 8-th of March was conducted by the forces of its Students’ Council.
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06.03.2007 12:22

Law faculty conducted the practical seminar

In ZNU passed the practical seminar «Regional aspects of reforming public administration in Ukraine» (discussion of the document for consultations concerning the state policy - Green book).
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05.03.2007 12:29

«Orbita-University» (ZNU) lost in game with «Krug» (Cherkasi)

At the week-end in ZNU games of the regular tour of Championship of Ukraine in volleyball among female teams of Super-League of 2006-2007 took place. The leaders of the championship «Orbita-University» (ZNU) and «Krug» (Cherkasi) met in the game. In two games Zaporizhzhya lost with account 3: 0.
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05.03.2007 12:28

«Міss of economic faculty»

On March 2 in the dance-club «Tetyana’s Day» the contest «Міss of economic faculty» was held.
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05.03.2007 12:26

In ZNU the final tour of Open All-Russian Championship of the game «What? Where? When?» was held

In ZNU the sixth (final) tour of the All-Russian Championship of the game «What? Where? When?» was conducted.
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05.03.2007 12:25

Deputy Boris Bezpalij became the guest of the seminar of attorneys

To ZNU the deputy of the Parliament of Ukraine Boris Bezpalii arrived in the framework of practical seminar «Regional aspects of reforming public administration in Ukraine». The guest met with students and lecturers of our university.
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02.03.2007 12:32
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