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Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​ZNU celebrated April Fool's Day

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Zaporizhzhya National University has become a good tradition to hold for students, faculty and guests small activities in so-called "small stage».

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02.04.2013 10:48

At ZNU Faculty of Foreign Languages the Guest from UK Has Arrived

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​teacher came Geography and Humanities of the University of Liverpool (UK), Master of Science in Management, Head of Humanities at the Munich International School, senior coordinator in the humanities at the international association "International Bachelor" Frederick E. Luzansiya. He visited Zaporozhye State University, to conduct training seminars for teachers and students of the faculty.
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01.04.2013 11:38

Workshop on training for teachers Zaporozhye from the Department of German Philology and Translation

As part of a seminar for school teachers Zaporozhye, held March 26 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of German Philology and Translation unit held its sessions on geography and teaching German as a foreign language.
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29.03.2013 09:54

Student Zaporizhzhya National University needs help!

Rose Mamedov, student and course the faculty only 18 years old, but his life's journey, it is faced with a terrible disease vision - diplopia, and now our only feasible support and participation can help her overcome this disease.
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28.03.2013 11:25

Teachers and students of the faculty met with senior Orikhivsky District

Teachers and students of the faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University continues to place greater emphasis on career-oriented activities. Creative campaigning team of faculty attending school Zaporizhia region to tell applicants about the benefits of learning in News and about admission to our university.
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27.02.2013 09:14

The International Association ‘French Without Borders’ representatives visited the Faculty of Foreign Philology

February 26th – The Faculty of Foreign Philology of ZNU welcomed the representatives of the ‘French Without Borders’ international association: the President Benjamin Beckner and the lecturers Lydia Cuffer and Gavin Suzerland. It is the third time the association delegates visit our University.

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26.02.2013 11:42

ZNU Faculty of Foreign Philology Student Council Congratulated Future Entrants on St. Valentine's Day

February 15, the activists of the Faculty invited the graduates of Zaporizhian schools at the thematic evening "About Love in Foreign Languages". For such guests the Faculty has prepared the entertainment program in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
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15.02.2013 14:56

Lecturers and Students of ZNU Faculty of Foreign Philology Met Pupils of Kuibyshev District

Three years ago, for the purpose of the vocational guidance in schools of Zaporozhzhya region the mobile group of the Faculty of Foreign Philology was established. During this time the vocational visited schools of Mikhailivskiy, Vilnyanskiy, Zaporizhzhya, Kamyansko-Dneprovskiy and Pologi Districts.
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11.02.2013 09:40

Staff of the faculty hold free consultations for participants testing

Staff of the faculty of the renewed free consultations with foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish) for high school students.
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05.02.2013 10:05
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