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Representatives of the Faculty of Law of ZNU participated in the discussion of the draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine

23 September in Zaporizhzhya was held a roundtable "On discussion of the draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine", which was attended by representatives of executive authorities, local governments, educational institutions, enterprises, organizations, media, civil society organizations.
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25.09.2014 13:56

In ZNU actively introduced a new concept of foreign language teaching

This academic year in Zaporizhzhya National University on the initiative of the Rector Mykola Frolov began implementing a new program of learning foreign languages (English, French, German). Now students will study them from the first to the last year.
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25.09.2014 13:53

Address of the Rector Mykola Frolov and Students' Council of ZNU to city residents

The Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov and Students' Council of Zaporizhzhya National University address to the inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya, business leaders, businesses, educational institutions and organizations of different ownership with a proposal to help the city government in the aftermath of a natural disaster in our city.
Anyone who can help to saw wood, clean the area of debris, remove threats from dangling wires should join the common cause. Rector of the university and the Student Council believe that in such a complex situation Zaporizhzhya residents should unite for the viability of the city. It is through the coordinated efforts of concerned residents, public utilities, emergency services and authorities livelihoods in the city quickly normalized.
Zaporizhzhya National University, in turn, undertakes to restore life on Zhukovsky and Lepika streets.
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24.09.2014 11:40

Information for staff and students of ZNU

Methodological materials of civil defense, and a list of shelters in Zaporizhzhya is located on the page of Staff for Civil Protection
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24.09.2014 11:31

Dean of the Faculty of Law Tetiana Kolomoets met with students of ELC

September 23 at the Law Faculty was held a meeting of Dean of the Faculty of Law, professor Tetiana Kolomoets and 4th year students of Economics and Law College of ZNU, which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Law.
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24.09.2014 11:09

In the ZNU started the project "Language Café"

Recently ZNU all students who wish to increase their level of knowledge of foreign languages, can join the "Language Café". The idea belong to the Head of International Sector of Students' Council of ZNU, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Mariia Vasyleha, who more than a year working in international project "Eurocamp".
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24.09.2014 11:07

Zaporizhzhya National University is out of politics!

With the beginning of the election campaign in Ukraine yesterday, September 22, at a meeting of administration Mykola Frolov - the Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University - made a formal statement. He said the idea, that after his registration as a candidate for MPs from 76th district (Ordzhonikidze and Khortitskiy districts of Zaporizhzhya and Khortytsya island) he isn't involve campaigning organization of students and teachers of ZNU.
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23.09.2014 13:13

At the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration handed master's degree diplomas of specialty "Civil Service"

September 23 at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University was held celebrations on the occasion of handing diplomas to graduates of magistracy, specialty "Civil Service" (correspondence department). The event was attended by Dean of FSSA Maksym Lepskyi, teachers, alumni and students of the Faculty, as well as their friends and family.
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23.09.2014 13:10

Student of ZNU graduated the Irish magistracy

The student of Biological Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University Yurii Saroz was studying at the MSc level at University of Limerick (Ireland) for 2013-2014 academic year. It became possible due to the ELECTRA Erasmus Mundus Project, and because of cooperation between ZNU and University of Limerick. After returning from Ireland Yurii shared his impressions of the study and compared national and foreign systems of higher education.
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23.09.2014 10:27

On the Khortytsya island freshmen of the Faculty of History solemnly dedicated to students

September 20 at the Faculty of History was held dedication to freshmen students. Traditionally, this event takes place on the Khortytsya island. During the day, freshmen had the opportunity to meet each other in terms of friendly competition. For students yesterday staged an interactive quest that not only helped build team spirit, but also to deepen students' knowledge of history.
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23.09.2014 09:31
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