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Photographic Competition “University In Students’ Eyes”

Photographic competition “University In Students’ Eyes” is another part of Zaporizhzhya National University’s 75th anniversary celebration.

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23.02.2006 17:17

Vitaliy Zhayvoronok Visits ZNU

On February 18 Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor, leading research fellow of Potebnya Institute of Linguistics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vitaliy ZHAYVORONOK visited ZNU. He gave a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Journalism.

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21.02.2006 10:30

ZNU First Vice-Rector Fedir Turchenko’s 59th Birthday

The collective of Zaporizhzhya National University congratulates its First Vice-Rector, Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor, Honoured Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine Fedir Grygorovych Turchenko with his 59th birthday!
We wish you strong health, many long years of life, creative aspiration and fruitful work in the fields of education and science!

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20.02.2006 13:08

Head Of Higher Education Department Of Ministry Of Science And Education Of Ukraine Yaroslav Bolyubash Visits ZNU

Yaroslav BOLYUBASH, Head of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine visited ZNU on February 16. He met with all university staff and lecturers, as well as with student representatives. Actual questions of higher education reformation were discussed.

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17.02.2006 12:36

St Valentine’s Day

Long Music Break, dedicated to St Valentine’s Day, was conducted in ZNU on February 14.

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15.02.2006 12:29

Space-Pilot Leonid Kadenyuk Visits ZNU

Leonid KADENYUK, space-pilot, People’s Deputy of Ukraine and Hero of Ukraine was invited for the meeting of ZNU Political Science Club on February 13. The topic for discussion was “Space technologies as an element of globalization”.

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14.02.2006 13:40

Graeco-Roman Wrestling Open Cup Of Ukraine

On February 10-11 Zaporizhzhya National University was hosting Open Cup of Ukraine in Graeco-Roman wrestling.

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13.02.2006 13:23

IV Jujitsu Zaporizhzhya Region Open Championship

IV Jujitsu Zaporizhzhya Region Open Championship, consecrated to the memory of internationalist soldiers, was held on February 12 in ZNU Sports Center.

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13.02.2006 12:30

People’s Deputy Sergiy Sobolev Visits ZNU

On February 10, regular meeting of Political Science Club, held by ZNU First Vice-Rector, Professor F.G. Turchenko, was also remarkable for the presence of People’s Deputy of Ukraine of three convocations, Chairman of ZNU Supervisory Board, graduate of our university Sergiy Sobolev.

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10.02.2006 17:35
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