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Meeting Of ZNU Political Science Club

Another meeting of ZNU Political Science Club, dedicated to discussing the peculiarities of employment of political technologies in Ukraine, was held on February 9. It was remarkable for the presence of Vadym Karasyov, well-known Ukrainian political scientist and political technologist, who was the guest of our university.

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09.02.2006 17:31

3rd Regional Stage Of All-Ukrainian Information Science Contest: Preliminary Results

On February 4-5 3rd Regional Stage Of All-Ukrainian Information Science Contest for pupils of Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya Region was held in ZNU. On February 7 the preliminary results, that are now invalid, were published. The commission is currently working on their determination and correction. Final results will be available soon on ZNU web-site.

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08.02.2006 14:23

Jubilee Congratulations

February 2 was the day of 65th anniversary of People’s Artist Oleksandr Korol’, Head of the Chair of Acting Technique of the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.

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04.02.2006 11:02


According to President of Ukraine’s Decree #30 of January 20, 2006 “On Awarding the Workers Of Enterprises, Institutions And Organizations Of Zaporizhzhya Region” Doctor of Science (History), First Vice-Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University, Professor Fedir Turchenko obtained Order of Merit of III Degree for significant contribution to social and economic progress of the region, major working breakthroughs, top professionalism and to celebrate the occasion of Ukraine’s Reunion Day.

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31.01.2006 13:45

Let His Memory Live Forever…

On January 24, 2006 veteran of work, outstanding teacher of Ukraine Vasyl’ Illich Kudrya passed away.

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26.01.2006 11:10

Congratulations From ZNU Leaders on Tetyana’s Day

Dear students of ZNU!
We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday of students – Tetyana’s Day!

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25.01.2006 17:40

Visit Of All-Ukrainian Public Movement “Viche Ukrayiny” Activists to ZNU

On January 18 the lecture hall 50 of ZNU building I hosted the conference of Political Science Club, first this year. Leaders of All-Ukrainian Public Movement “Viche Ukrayiny” - Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine Iryna Bogoslovs’ka, political scientist, Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prof. Iryna Onyshchenko, Deputy of Slavutych Town Council Il’gyz Iskhakov, as well as Dean of Faculty of Sociology and Governing of ZNU, PhD (Philosophy), Assoc. Prof. Maksym Leps’kyy took part in its work.

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19.01.2006 10:30

Meeting Of Zaporizhzhya College, Technical Schools And Specialized Schools Graduates With ZNU’s Administration

On January 16 the assembly hall of building II was hosting the meeting of graduates of Zaporizhzhya Teacher’s Training College, as well as of other Zaporizhzhya colleges, technical and specialized schools with the administration of ZNU.

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17.01.2006 11:15

Order Form For School-Books For The Year 2006/2007

Dear lecturers!

Research Library has received the order form for school-books for the year 2006/2007.

In accordance with Cabinet of Ministers’ Decree “On The Improvement Of Work On Supplying Pupils And Students With Text-Books” # 1378 of 23.08.03, we ask you to process promptly the output form for school-books for the year 2006/2007 and to place the order (ZNU Research Library, building II, room 102).

ZNU RL Administration

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13.01.2006 10:55

Merry Christmas!

We wish a Merry Christmas to all ZNU students and lecturers!

Wish you strong health, prosperity and every success at work and studies!

Let all your dreams come true!

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06.01.2006 14:00
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