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15-th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics

Today in the Hall of ZNU solemnities on occasion of the 15-th jubilee of the Faculty of Economics took place. The representatives of the rectorate, well-known bankers, financiers and graduates came to invite it.
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11.12.2006 10:52

Regional Assembly of OON in ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University the 16-th Regional Assembly of Youth OON (the other name is Zaporizhzhya Model of Youth OON) was held. Its participants became pupils and students of Zaporizhzya institutions of average and higher education and also that of the college “Leader” (town Gulyaipole). The action was organized by the Regional Youth Intellectual organisation «Estonian Club», educational department of ZNU on head with associate rector in educational work, associate professor Natalia Voronova, the Faculty of Pre-Educational Preparation on head with its dean, associate professor Irina Bakalenko, the club of intellectual games of ZNU "Moderator" on head with its president Natalia Dragan.
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11.12.2006 10:49

«Orbita-University» (ZNU) won bronze on the bowl of Ukraine in volleyball

Sportswomen of the team «Orbite-University» (ZNU) came back from the final of the bowl of Ukraine of the 15-th Championship of Ukraine in volleyball among female teams. The final game took place in Evpatoriya and our girls took the honorary third place. They gave up only to the hosts – the team «Kerkinitida» (Evpatoriya) – that got the silver Bowl and to the team «Galichanka-galexport» (Ternopil) which gained the gold Bowl.
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11.12.2006 10:47

The birthday of the 3-rd hostel of ZNU

Yesterday the inhabitants of the 3-rd hostel celebrated its thirty birthday.
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08.12.2006 12:03

The contest «Mister ZNU»

Contests of beauty and inner charisma became traditional for Zaporizhzhya National University. The usual participants of such actions are girls, this time the task was to choose the best boy. 11 handsome students of alma mater fought for dear life. To tell the truth, boys were on any flavor and color: real macho, delicate romantics, and even stocky athletes.
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08.12.2006 12:00

Artistic exhibition of works by Stanislav Kikeev

In Zaporizhzhya National University the inauguration of the exhibition of pictures «The Beauty of Khortitsa ... And not only it» by Zaporizhzhya artist Stanislav Kikeev. This action passed with the support of the Department of humane education and upbringing of ZNU and that of the staff of the Scientific library. They and also all the present students and lecturers thanked the artist for an opportunity to appreciate the wonderful landscapes of native region in the hall of the Scientific library. They wished the artist good health and creative inspiration.
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08.12.2006 11:54

Scientific-Practical conference «The Prospects of implementation of the international standards of financial accounting in Ukraine»

On the Economic Faculty in the framework of the celebration of its 15-th anniversary, the scientific-practical conference «Problems of implementation of international standards financial accounting» passed, arranged by the chair of accounting and audit.
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07.12.2006 17:20

The literary evening of Maryna Bratsylo

In Zaporizhzhya National University the literary evening of Maryna Bratsylo, the well-known Zaporizhzya poetess, the member of the Ukrainian Writers’ Union, graduate of the Philological Faculty of ZNU, dedicated to her 30-th anniversary and to 15-annual jubilee of her creative activity. It was the Philological Faculty on head with its dean, associate professor Tamara Khomyak, that organized this meeting.
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07.12.2006 17:11

The creative meeting of Volodymyr Suprunenko with students of ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University the creative meeting of well-known journalist, photoartist, writer, ethnographer of Zaporizhzhya region Volodymyr Suprunenko with students and lecturers of the Faculty of Journalism. The organizers of this meeting were the administration of our University and the pedagogical staff of this faculty on head with its dean, professor Volodymyr Manakin.
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07.12.2006 17:10

Victory of Sociology faculty in competitions in volleyball

In a cruel fight for rank of the best in volleyball, that ran between members of 12 University faculties, the team of Sociology faculty won.
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06.12.2006 18:52
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