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Students of ZNU have visited the international conference in Lviv

In Zaporizhzhya National University all conditions are created for young scientists to realize their potential. But scientific career of students in many cases depends on their own initiative. Masters of the Philological Department Svitlana Syrytsya and Svitlana Zhulidova were guided by this principle, sending the works on the selection round of the international scientific conference «The Ukrainian philology: schools, figures, problems» which has been dated to the 160 anniversary of the establishment of the Ukrainian Philology Department in Lviv National University by Ivan Franko.
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10.12.2008 11:15

In ZNU honoured the memory about known Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuj-Levitskogo

Representatives of the Philological department of Zaporizhzhya National University arranged the evening devoted to the birthday of the known Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuj-Levitsky. The evening had the name «The comprehensive eye of Ukraine». Students and teachers have used the best efforts to show such well-known from school textbooks writer in unexpected angle.
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10.12.2008 11:12

Zaporizhzhya National University became one of the organizers of the International conference concerning patriotic education

To the 70 anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region in the building of Zaporizhzhya regional council II International scientifically-practical conference concerning patriotic education of youth « Gains of generations is a treasury of our days» has been lead.
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09.12.2008 11:12

Winners of the contest “Miss and Mister University of Zaporizhzhya-2008” study in ZNU

To International day of student the contest of beauty and talent “Miss and Mister University of Zaporizhzhya-2008” was traditionally organized by the Board in problems of family, youth and sport of Zaporizhzhya municipal council and model agency “Diva”.
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24.11.2008 15:38

League of students is for the new generation of lawyers

Recently in Donets’k the meeting of the council of League of students of Association of lawyers of Ukraine passed on head with the chairman of All-Ukrainian League, post graduate student of the law faculty of ZNU Mikhailo Vikhlayev.
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21.11.2008 12:08

“University by eyes of students”

On November 19 in the hall of the first building passed awarding of winners of the university photo contest “University by eyes of students - 2008”. This year it was already the third contest and every year the art of its permanent participants is growing.
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21.11.2008 11:56

The economic faculty celebrated its 17-th anniversary!

The economic faculty celebrated its birthday vividly and merrily. During a week a number of interesting actions were organized, during which every student and even lecturers could display themselves: the contest of scientific works “My faculty is the best”, intellectual game “What? Where? When?”, solving crosswords in economics, competition between students and lecturers in draughts and chess and contest of wallpapers.
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20.11.2008 11:52

Visit of a delegation from Germany

1On November, 18 in walls of Zaporizhzhya national university the solemn meeting of direction of ZNU and ZNTU with representatives of trade-industrial chamber of Magdeburg (Germany) took place.
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19.11.2008 11:48

Winners of the contest “Let us introduce ourselves – 2008” were awarded

On International day of students results of the festival of amateur performances of the first year students were summed up. On the final gala-concert, which passed in the hall of the 2-nd building, the best performances were represented and winners from different faculties were awarded.
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19.11.2008 11:43

Success of the newspaper “Zaporizhzhya University” in “Youth Accent”

Жюри IV всеукраинской выставки газетных изданий молодёжи «Молодёжный акцент» высоко оценило издание нашего вуза. Областная академическая газета «Запорожский университет» завоевала второе место в номинации «Студенческая пресса».
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18.11.2008 11:40
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