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President Elections: American Experience

Within the informational campaign of the International Scientific Exchange Fulbright Program on December 3rd in ZNU there was held the round table "Traditions and Realities of the Election Campaigns Coverage in American and Ukrainian Media". Organizers of the event were Fulbright media-specialists from USA and Journalism Department of ZNU.
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04.12.2009 12:01

«Step to the Future» First Time in Zaporizhzhya

Yesterday the historical event occurred in the Magara Academic Drama Theatre. First time the integral concert "Step to the Future" took place in Zaporizhzhya. The main goal of the event is to activate the creative youth with physical impairments. The initiator of the concert is Zaporizhzhya Branch of All-Ukrainian NGO of people with visual impairments "Generation of the Successful Action".
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04.12.2009 11:17

Public Council of National and Patriotic Education Created by Ministry of Education of Ukraine

From now the specially created Public Council of National and Patriotic Education will function within the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Journalists, jurists, students, and high educational establishments representatives will work in the Council. The representative from Zaporizhzhya Oblast is Natalia Voronova, ZNU Rector Assistant in Education Affairs.
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02.12.2009 15:28

American Specialist Held Seminar for English Language Teachers

The Department of Foreign Languages keeps cooperating with U.S. Embassy within the functioning of the American Resource Center. On November 26th the Department held the seminar “Using Modern Computer Technologies at English Classes” with American teacher Tom Tucker.
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01.12.2009 14:24

Holodomor Victims Memory Honored in ZNU

Traditionally, a lot of events are devoted to the Memorial Day of the Holodomors and Political Repressions Victims. ZNU scientists have done a lot of work in order to debunk the myths about these tragic moments of the Ukrainian history.
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30.11.2009 19:31

Economic Department 18-th Anniversary

The festive concert concluded the Week of the Economic Department, which celebrated the 18th anniversary.
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30.11.2009 19:23

Future Jurists Debate Legislature Reforming

Student Scientific Society of Law Department organized debates “Problems of Codification of the Ukrainian Legislature”.
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30.11.2009 19:22

Secondary Schools Teachers’ Qualification Enhanced in ZNU

The Law Department organized the scientific-methodical seminar for the secondary schools teachers of law. Around 100 teachers participated in the seminar for studying the innovative methodic of teaching the courses “Basics of Law”.
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27.11.2009 16:57

Jurists and Economists Fight Crisis Together

Round table “Effective Managing of the Anti-Crisis Events Nowadays” was held by Departments of Law and Economic on November 26th.
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27.11.2009 16:55

Tax Officers Visited ZNU

The celebration of the 18th anniversary of Economical Department of ZNU was joined by the representatives of Zaporizhzhya Obast State Tax Administration. The meeting with student took place at the seminar “Role of the State Tax Service in the Forming of the tax culture of people” on November 23rd.
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23.11.2009 20:43
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