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Zaporizhzhya Writers met ZNU Students-philologist at the Roudtable

December 8, ZNU Faculty of Philology held the roundtable on "Creativity as Miracle Made Phenomena: A Modern View of the Nature and Purpose of Art". It was attended by artistic circles of Zaporizhzhya, ZNU lecturers and students.
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10.12.2012 12:56

ZNU Students Participated in the Charity Concert "Live Healthy!"

December 7, the charity concert "Live Healthy!" took place at CH "Khortitskiy", which gathered talented young singers, dancers, rappers, players KVK, other creative people, concerned students and residents of Zaporizhzhya.
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10.12.2012 12:39

ZNU Faculty of Economics Held the Roundtable Dedicated to Intellectual Property

December 6, the roundtable on "Intellectual Property as an Integral Part of Effective Business Entities Functioning" was held at ZNU.
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10.12.2012 10:01

ZNU Rector Mykola Frolov Held Meeting with Philology Faculty's Staff

December 7, ZNU Rector, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Mykola Frolov held the meeting with the labor collective of the Faculty of Philology. It is the fourth meeting with the Faculty for the Rector.
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07.12.2012 14:04

Scheduled Workshop for Biology Teachers Took Place at ZNU

Today ZNU Biology Faculty attended schools in Zaporizhzhya. Methodological and educational seminars which is held by our lecturers become a tradition.
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07.12.2012 14:00

ZNU Young Scientists-Mathematicians Disscused the Methods for Improving the Cognitive Activity of Students and Pupils

December 7, the roundtable on "Mathematical Puzzles as the Technique for Improvement of Cognitive Activity" took place at ZNU Historical Museum.
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07.12.2012 13:21

Gender Forum 2012 and Roundtable Was Held at ZNU Faculty of SPP

December 4, the roundtable on "Promoting Prevention of Domestic Violence and Violence Against Children Practice" in the framework of the Gender Forum 2012. It was attended by the government officials, police officers, teachers, scientists, students and community activists.
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07.12.2012 09:30

ZNU Law Students Modeled Impeachment of a U.S. President

December 4, the expanded seminar took place in ZNU Faculty of Law courtroom. Seminar's organizers - students of the group 3421-1. They have chosen the procedure of state's head removal with impeachment (the example of the application of the U.S. Constitution) as the form of "business game".
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06.12.2012 14:52

Regional Stage of Petro Jacyk International Ukrainian Language Competition Took Place at ZNU

Today the regional stage of Petro Jacyk International Ukrainian Language Competition took place at ZNU Faculty of Philology, where the students from universities of Zaporizhzhya region participated.

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06.12.2012 14:32

How the Journalists Were Preparing for the Future

What will happen to the profession of a journalist in future? What skills today's journalist should get to be competitive? The traditional media in future. What will it be? ZNU students of the Faculty of Journalism were trying to find the answers on these and other questions during the roundtable "Journalist of the Future: Tomorrow has Come Today" which took place on November 27, 2012.
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04.12.2012 13:46
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