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In Economics and Law College of ZNU was held Doors Open Day

June 8 in Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University was held Doors Open Day. Senior pupils of Zaporizhzhya schools not only able to communicate with the management, teachers and students of the college, but also participated in career guidance tests to determine which activities they tend, as well as examined of the campus excursion of ZNU. At this time, their parents received a response to a question concerning the entrance campaign, training for specific professions and monthly training courses that June 10 began their work on the basis of ELC.
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10.06.2014 10:26

ZNU Students' Council representatives participated in the All-Ukrainian roundtable

June 3-4 in Kiev was held a roundtable on "Models of student government participation in the formulation and country policy implementation", organized by the Ukrainian Association of student government, headed by its president Yelyzaveta Shchepetilnikova.
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10.06.2014 10:23

Students of Economics and Law College defended reports on production practice

On June 4, in Economics and Law College was held a reporting conference reporting on production practice, during which 3rd years students of "Finance and Credit", "Publishing and Editing", "Accounting" and "Social Services" presented their reports.
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06.06.2014 14:19

The Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov joined the All-Ukrainian action, aimed at financial support of the national army

In an important time for our country the inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya region demonstrate a balanced and active citizenship. In particular, they are actively participating in the purchase of of treasury bills "Military" means of implementation which will be used to support the Ukrainian army.
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06.06.2014 13:17

Student of ZNU Oleksandr Nadtoka and his coach Andrii Svatiev received medals "For personal contribution to the development of Zaporizhzhya" from Zaporizhzhya City Mayor Oleksandr Sin

June 4 Zaporizhzhya City Mayor Oleksandr Sin greeted with a victory in the European Rowing Championship, student of Zaporizhzhya National University, master of sports of international class in rowing, two-time world champion among youth and now - European champion in rowing Oleksandr Nadtoka.
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06.06.2014 12:57

In ZNU was held EIT in the Ukrainian language and literature

5-6 June at our university was held a regular External independent testing of school graduates knowledge. This time entrants tested their force and tested in the Ukrainian language and literature.
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06.06.2014 12:13

Congratulations to journalistic community of Zaporizhzhya National University with their professional holiday - Journalists' Day!

We wish you a professional inspiration, success in creativity, freedom of thoughts, implement the boldest ideas and fully realized in its field!
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06.06.2014 10:28

On the basis of ZNU was held a meeting of the "Leaders' School" within the youth government

Private Complex of continuous education School "Eidos" launched a project for 5th-10th grades pupils, entitled "Leaders' School", which runs in Zaporizhzhya during June 4-6. Today on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University was the second working day of the "Leaders' School".
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05.06.2014 15:42

ELC students took part in All-Ukrainian Physics contest "Lion-2014"

Recently on the basis of Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum under Lviv Ivan Franko National University was first performed All-Ukrainian Physics contest "Lion-2014". Took part in it 80 students of the College of Economics and Law of ZNU. The contest organizer in the ELC became teacher of physics of ELC of ZNU Iryna Shpuhanych.
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05.06.2014 15:03

Teacher of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU Nataliia Vyhovska won the contest of the National Union of Journalists

Journalist, permanent author of "Telekrytyka" teacher of the Faculty of Journalism of Zaporizhzhya National University Nataliia Vyhovska became the winner of the contest, organized by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. She received the prize in the nomination "The best coverage of the activities of journalists and media industry issues".
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04.06.2014 13:30
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