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ZNU students participated in the meeting of Coordinating Council of junior lawyers

Students of the Faculty of Law, Zaporizhzhya National University have taken part in the following meeting of Coordinating Council of junior lawyers under the Central Administration of Justice in Zaporizhzhya region
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20.02.2012 11:59

Adopting approaches from our international counterparts

Educators from the Department of Foreign Languages continue to learn practices of teaching English as a foreign language at the top-rank higher education institutions of Great Britain
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20.02.2012 11:52

Educators from the Faculty of Physics have undertaken a series of events for prospective students

February, 15 Professor V. Girzhon, head of the Department of Physics of Metals and Associate Professor Olexander Yanovsky, head of the Department of Semiconductors have visited Chernigivka village aiming at inviting school graduates to enter the Faculty of Physics, ZNU
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20.02.2012 09:22

Chief editor of ‘Comments’ Weekly Vadym Denysenko: “It was long since I had been to the lecture hall with so many good questions being asked”

Students of Journalism have met with the chief editor of ‘Comments’ Weekly Vadym Denysenko. Suggested by the guest ‘question-answer’ meeting framework allowed future journalists to get more information on ins and outs of the popular edition and see the standpoint of Vadym Denysenko on the future for the national printed media. The authors of the best questions were presented with the 'Comments' subscription.
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20.02.2012 09:13

Semifinal of KVK humor show in ZNU

At last the much-anticipated semifinal of the Open Championship for Rector’s Cup (ZNU) started. The event was supported by the Centre of after-class activities.
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18.02.2012 23:33

Outcomes of Research and Creative Projects Contest on ‘Europe in Ukraine, Ukraine in Europe: Youth Perception 2011-2012’

Student Research and Creative Projects final was carried out in the Centre of European Information, ZNU Scientific Library
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17.02.2012 16:13

Congratulations from the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies

Congratulations from the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies
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17.02.2012 16:11

200th Anniversary of renowned writer and public figure Yevgen Grebinka celebrated at Philology Faculty

February, 2 Bicentennial anniversary of the widely-known national fable writer, poet and prose writer, publisher and public figure Yevgen Grebinka was celebrated in Ukraine. ZNU has also joined to festivities by carrying out commemoration gathering of 2nd year students of Ukrainian Language and Literature supervised by Valentina Kravchenko, associate professor in the Department of Ukrainian Literature
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17.02.2012 16:00

The best student pair selected on February, 14

The contest was held on the occasion of St. Valentine's Day, involving 5 student pairs that had to undergo five contest challenges. Panel of judges comprising Yulia Yanko, director of the Centre for after-class activities, Anton Osadchuk, chairman of Student Council (Faculty of Journalism), Natalia Tiapkina and Ludmila Cherniavska, vice deans for educational affairs (Faculty of Journalism) were to select three winning pairs.
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17.02.2012 11:37

How can one get to the College of Economics and Law (ZNU) by love tram?

Every year ‘Love Tram’ city action is held on February, 14. The event started off from the city tram depot. First year students of Law from the College of Economics and Law were invited to the opening ceremony.
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17.02.2012 11:20
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