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St. Valentine’s Day celebrated at the Faculties of Economics and History

Faculties of Economics and History gave a concert on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day celebration.
Before the celebration the pairs in love could get ‘married’ and be presented with a ‘technical certificate’ on their beloved ones. Everyone willing has seized the opportunity.
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16.02.2012 00:26

Round 1 of Ukrainian Student Contest in Banking business

February, 10 the Faculty of Economics has carried out round 1 of the Ukrainian student contest in Banking business attended by undergraduates of 3rd and 4th year.
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15.02.2012 17:37

Music break for those in love

ZNU students celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. Someone was meeting his beloved with flowers and balloons at staircase of University buildings and dormitories, though the primary public event that brought forward this day celebrations was a long break.
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15.02.2012 09:40

Presentation of new books for editors and publishers

Professor Zinoviy Partyko, Doctor of Letters, journalist and programmer presented today his own textbooks at the Faculty of Journalism. Some of them are already known to our journalists and are being applied within the study courses to teach young professionals while others were introduced to students of Journalism for the first time.
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15.02.2012 01:05

Students of Law have discussed amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On executive introduction’

Law Faculty has carried out round table discussions on ‘Positive and negative effects of the Law ‘On executive introduction’ initiated by Students Scientific Society, with 2nd to4th year students and guests participation.
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14.02.2012 17:17

ZNU Student Olesya Povkh is a winner of gold at the International tournament in field and track athletics

Moscow, February 5 International tournament in field and track athletics was held at the ‘Russian Winter’ sports grounds where Zaporizhzhya sportsmen made a good showing.
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14.02.2012 15:41

ZNU to participate in Education Fair 2012

February 9-11 Zaporizhzhya National University took part in special exposition Education Fair 2012 that was held at Cossack Palace exhibition centre.
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14.02.2012 15:06

Coordinating Council of UPSSS held its first meeting in the new 2012

First meeting of young researchers from Coordinating Council was carried out in semester 2
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14.02.2012 14:44

Philological faculty students told to school students about O. Pushkin's last duel

February 10, 1837 the ancestor of the Russian literature Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin died from the mortal wound received on his 21 duel. They decide to honor his legacy in the Zaporizhzhya regional universal scientific library of O.M. of Gorky. Pupils, students and fans of the Russian culture gathered on in a conference room. Philological faculty students, Russian philology department, headed by the associate professor of the S. Ditkovoyu were invited to give a public lecture.

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14.02.2012 10:38

Elections to Student Council in the College of Economics and Law, ZNU

College of Economics and Law has carried out elections to the Student Council. At the opening Anastasia Goncharova, ex-chairman of the Student Council has reported on attainments and drawbacks in the Council’s work under her tenure.
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13.02.2012 00:27
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