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Problems of contemporary journalism in Ukraine and Poland

Polish students met the students of ZNU faculty of journalism in frame on Polish visit to Zaporizhzhya State University. The conversation was dedicated to the role of mass-media in modern world.

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13.10.2005 11:01


Pleasant news were received today form Odessa. ZNU KVN team returned from the festival “Pearl at the sea”, where 109 teams form all parts of our country took part. Team of Zaporizhzhya National University ”Solnyshko” became an absolute champion of the contests and won the first prize

Young team is the first one that became one of the participants of Ukrainian Championship which will be held in December in Lviv.

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12.10.2005 09:31

From Zaporizhzhya to Novgorod-Sivers’ky

ZNU students could visit the most remarkable place at the north of Ukraine in the middle of golden autumn, on October 6 – 9. The tour was arranged by deputy dean of ZNU faculty of journalism Viktor Kostiuk. He invited students of his faculty and Ukrainian philologists.

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10.10.2005 10:59

Topical questions of physical culture and sports in contemporary social and economic conditions

The second international scientific and practical conference “Topical questions of physical culture and sports in contemporary social and economic conditions” was held at Zaporizhzhya National University on October 6 -7. Scientific subject of the conference includes historical, social and economical, law and organizational problems of physical culture and sports, psychological and pedagogical, medical and biological aspects of this branch, topical questions of Olympic and professional sports, innovational approaches in physical culture and sports. Modern problems of physical rehabilitation, par-olympic sports and adaptive physical culture are also on agenda.

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07.10.2005 08:58

Arm wrestling at the break

Not only Olympians are interested in healthy lifestyle and sport competitions. ZNU faculty of management arranged its own mini tournament in arm wrestling today at the break.

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06.10.2005 08:56

Tournament in civil law

Students of ZNU law faculty were invited to take part in tournament in civil law. The contests will be held on October 20 – 21 at Lviv National University.

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05.10.2005 09:36

European standards in Ukrainian education

Scientific and practical seminar, dedicated to stages of gradual adaptation of law higher education in Ukraine to demands of Bologna declaration took place in Kyiv National University of internal affairs. Representatives of Ministry of internal affairs, Supreme Court, General Public Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine discussed urgent changes in frame of this seminar. Zaporizhzhya region was presented by experts of two higher education establishments: ZNU and GA ZISMA.

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04.10.2005 09:15

Bulgarian language at ZNU

One more foreign language is taught at Zaporizhzhya National University. The chair of general and Slavonic linguistics provides courses of Bulgarian language.

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04.10.2005 09:09

Political crisis in Ukraine and ways of its overcoming

Problems of Ukrainian politics are among topical questions under social discussion today. Term crisis is used more and more often when characterizing political situation in our country in different contexts: “crisis of power”, “economical crisis”, “crisis of trust”, “crisis of system”…Problems, discussed at the sitting of ZNU politological club ”Political crisis in Ukraine and ways of its overcoming”, are as follows: essence and sources of Ukrainian political crisis, its main subjects, ways of its overcoming. The sitting is arranged by ZNU chair of politology of the faculty of sociology and administration.

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30.09.2005 08:40

The first international conference of young scientists “Contemporary problems of ecology”

The question of interaction between society and nature is quite urgent at present stage of human development. In industrial city of Zaporizhzhya this problem is extremely topical, because ecological state of our region is in crisis. Correspondingly ecology cannot but worry scientific society, and first of all youth, because it is youth who is interested in future life and its safety.

The first international conference of young scientists “Contemporary problems of ecology” began functioning yesterday at Zaporizhzhya National University.

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29.09.2005 08:43
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