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International scientific and practical conference, dedicated 205th anniversary of Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution

ne-day International scientific and practical conference, dedicated 205th anniversary of Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution is held today at Zaporizhzhya National University.
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28.09.2005 08:49

Teacher’s Day at Tatyana’s Day

Student disco-café “Tatyana’s Day” opens its doors again. This academic year, the first party will be held there on Friday, it is dedicated to Teacher’s Day.
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27.09.2005 10:10

Student news: our people in Scientific council

Student self-government of Zaporizhzhya National University is developing. From now ZNU student council will have 8 representatives in the Scientific council of our University.
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27.09.2005 08:54

KVN news: “Sonechko” will make people laugh in Odessa

KVN teams have always been pride of our university.
This summer ZNU was represented in Dnipropetrovs’k region by the team of sociology and administration faculty «Sonechko». Zaporizhzhya team won in ¼ final game and lead till semi-final in their group.

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27.09.2005 08:52

All-Ukrainian contest of scientific works

ZNU students can not only get good marks for their diploma works, but they also are able to win contests. All-Ukrainian contest of scientific works by graduate students specialized in “Management” is held this year in Ukraine. The arrangement takes place in different higher education establishments according to their specialization.
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26.09.2005 10:16

Our friends: newspaper “Den’”

Zaporizhzhya National University and all-Ukrainian daily newspaper “Den’” cooperate actively.
This year in May newspaper representatives took part in International scientific and practical conference “Globalization and problems of native media-space”, arranged by ZNU.
The next stage of this project is summer work on ZNU journalism students in publishing house of authoritative periodical.
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26.09.2005 10:12

Hello, we are looking for talents!

High level of skills and creative potential of ZNU students always astonishes guests of university festival arrangements. Many of them ask: who are these talented young men and girls, singing and dancing well enough to be popular stars.

The answer is: these are pupils of ZNU student culture club.

The club announces enrolment this year as usually. Students are invited to enter any of the following studios: vocal, choreographic, theatre, theatre of author song and VIA.

Those who would like to use their creative potential may apply to ZNU student culture club at ZNU building II, room 202.

Information is given by radio "Universe"

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23.09.2005 10:25

ZNU students at “Golden Khortitsa”

The first open theatre festival of chamber performances “Golden Khortitsa” was held in Zaporizhzhya on September 21 – 25. The festival took place in frame of celebration of Zaporizhzhya anniversary. Administration of culture of Zaporizhzhya city council and municipal laboratory-theatre “VIE” arranged and financed it.
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23.09.2005 10:23

Presentation of German program DAAD.

Presentation of German service of academic exchanges scholar programs (DAAD) takes place annually at Zaporizhzhya National University. Students, post graduate students, young scientists of any specialization of all Zaporizhzhya and region higher educational establishments are invited to partake. Knowledge of German is required (intermediate and high level).
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23.09.2005 10:19

Step to Europe

Working seminar of European educational program Socrates–Erasmus took place at Zaporizhzhya National University on September 6 – 11.
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23.09.2005 08:55
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